Thursday, August 3, 2017

Some Rain Must Fall

Hello Everyone,

Gosh! Here we are into August already.  Our June, July and now August is galloping along.  We have not been able to get much gardening done around our home or even the grass cut, due to almost daily rain showers. The  rain  is beautiful and peaceful in it's own way and as a result everything is amazingly green and beautiful.

Speaking of "rain,"  my Daddy often said, "Into everyone's life some rain must fall."  Meaning we all have difficulties from time to time which is part of life.   

It was my turn to have a little "rain."  Thinking  I was having an appendicitis attack we headed off to the Emergency Room. Turns out it was not the appendix, but infected diverticula and it had to go.  Yes, a wonderful surgeon took care of the problem and now I am looking forward to getting out with my camera and again begin capturing some of the Lord's amazing beauty all around.

Of course,  I had to get my camera when the family delivered some amazingly beautiful flowers...what a better time to capture them forever.

By the time I got around to taking these pictures the lovely pink rose had opened so beautifully.

Below we see the amazingly beautiful green carnation on the back side of the bouquet.

So nice to have these lovely flowers to remember the family and their loving thoughtfulness.

I hope you have been having long Summer days and evenings with lots of lightening bugs, trips to the beach, picnics, lots of watermelon, ice cream and a fun time making memories.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit  and  I wish you many blessings wherever you may be.

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