Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Visiting The New Trump International Hotel In Washington, D.C.

Hello Everyone!  How have you been?  Has it been as busy a Summer for you as it has been for us?  

We recently traveled to Washington, D.C. for my husband's annual American College of Radiology meeting.  After the meeting we planned to go visit the new Trump International Hotel we had heard so much about.  Come along with us as we visit this beautiful hotel.....

The new hotel is located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is between
the United States Capitol Building and the White House.

The new Trump International Hotel is located in the Historic Old Post Office, which is an extravagantly  beautiful old building in the heart of Washington, D.C. This building was remodeled into a luxury hotel by builder Donald Trump who is now President of the United States.  The hotel opened in September of 2016.  We heard so much about this new hotel we were very curious and put it on our "to do" list to see during our Washington visit.

Below we see two double doors at the main entrance of the hotel.  They probably do use this entrance sometimes for special events, but the main entrance in use is to the side of the building.

As we drove around to the entrance of the hotel it was very nice to have valet parking.

The below photo shows the inside front entrance of the hotel.
I loved the exquisite pink marble arches and the polished wood.

And the below photo shows one of the halls before reaching the main atrium.

This beautiful hotel has three restaurants, a spa and a very large conference center.

The below photo is from the internet.
There are 263 very large and luxurious guest rooms and suites.

These pretty flowers were decorating a table
in the hall before we entered into the main lobby of the hotel.

How unusual to see an arrangement of orchids and they were real.
This bouquet was also in the entrance hall.

From the side hallway we could see into the main lobby.

Below we see The Grand Lobby, a soaring nine-story atrium
which functions as the hotel's center of activities.

As you can see,  the furniture in this beautiful lobby is a very colorful
mixture of light and darker blue velvet fabrics.

In the below photo we see the Lounge located at the end of the lobby.

Placed across the steel arches are four very large and amazingly beautiful SWAROVSKI chandeliers.

We had previously made lunch reservations at the PRIME restaurant,
which you can see located on the second floor.

Toward the back of the lobby in the above photo you can see the
beautiful marble stairway leading upstairs to the restaurant.

And the below photo is a view from the upstairs restaurant looking down on the lobby below.

Below we see a bit of the lunch "menu" for the day.
When our lunch arrived it looked so delicious I forgot to take a picture.

There were beautiful orchids planted in the planters around the restaurant.

Another photo looking down at the lobby from the restaurant.

It is always nice to see "old glory" on display.  And in this photo you can see some of the
nine stories and the entrance to some of the guest rooms in the hotel.

Looking even higher you can see the glass ceiling all the way up
from the lobby and a portion of the famous clock tower in the below photo.

After our delicious lunch we decided to take a tour of The Famous Clock Tower located in this hotel.  We followed the signs to get there.  There was a glass elevator at the end of the lobby which took us up part of the way. And then another elevator took us the rest of the way. The Clock Tower is open to the public and is operated by The National Park Service.  They tell us they usually have about 1,500 visitors each day.

This Clock Tower is the third highest building in Washington, D.C.

The entrance to the tower is free and does not require tickets.  How nice is that for wonderful views of Washington, D.C.

When we reached the Tower we could view the city from each of the four windows.  Below we see down Pennsylvania Avenue all the way to the United States Capitol Building.

And from this window in the below photo we can see the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Monument.  I'm not sure, but that might be the White House on the left side.

As we drove away from the Trump International Hotel we were driving down Pennsylvania Avenue, which has been called America's Main Street,  or the Grand Boulevard,  or even The Heart of the Nation.

It was a special treat for us to be in our Nation's Capitol in the heart of Washington, D.C.  

I hope you enjoyed coming along with us as we visited the beautiful Trump International Hotel.

Wishing you a very nice rest of your week and a wonderful Summertime wherever you may be.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Bainbridge, Georgia Tour of Gardens - Part Two

Hi Everyone! Did you see the last Sweet Southern Days post showing the first home on the Bainbridge, Georgia Tour of Gardens.  If you missed Part 1 you can go back to the previous post to see the first lovely garden.

I just happened to see the below advertisement for the Tour on Facebook one day.  Fortunately my husband and I had some time to travel on this Saturday morning to the charming little South Georgia town to see these beautiful gardens.  It was definitely an added plus that one of my very favorite people was on the schedule to be the Guest Speaker for this event.

As you can see that guest speaker is James Farmer III.  He was born and bred in the South.  He is a professional garden, floral and interior designer and now an  amazing best-selling Southern author. Some people are so totally charming and interesting and he certainly is one of them.  

A lovely welcoming table at the entrance to the Center.

The local Samaritan Counseling Center was a very nice location to see and hear the guest speaker.

The above photo shows guest speaker James Farmer III.  He has written a total of eight very interesting books about landscape, floral and interior design.  Many of his grandmother's favorite recipes are included in some of his books.  You can click on Amazon.com to find all of the books written by James Farmer III.

I have had the good fortune to hear James Farmer twice now and both talks were totally delightful.

After the delightful speech we continued on the rest of the tour.  The photo below shows the front yard of the second garden on the list in the city of Bainbridge, Georgia Tour of Gardens.

Love the old oak trees so often seen in the deep South.

As we walked around to the back yard we spotted this pretty little planter full of flowers.

In the below photo we see portions of the back of the home plus the inviting swimming pool.

And behind the pool we spot this unusual little flower!

And looking out from the pool area we see this amazing back yard.

As we left this beautiful garden we drove on back through the town of Bainbridge.  We had heard there were 40 historic homes and churches in the area.  If you stop in at the local Visitors Center you can get information about a driving tour of this area.  We did not choose to take the tour, but I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of these beautiful old homes as we drove back through town.

The charming cottage-style home seen below is called the Scott-Long home built in 1890.

St. John's Episcopal Church built in 1885.  This old bell still calls the faithful to worship.

Did not see anything listed about this home seen below.

The Hinds-Cooper home was built in 1873.  This home features unique windows originally intended for an Episcopal Church.  A hurricane destroyed the church before the windows were installed.

The Erlich-Immendorf home seen below was built in 1898 by a local lumber baron.
According to Mr. Google this charming old home's dining room is large enough to seat 50 guests.

Seen below is the Donalson-Rollins home built in 1898.

This home known as the Brown-Hargrave home was built in 1890.

Below we see the Coleman-Vickers-Newton home which was built in 1898.

We drove on through town and found the highway that would take us on back home to Tallahassee.

As we arrived back in Tallahassee, one of the last roads home took us 
down one of the nine scenic canony roads in our area.

Thank you for stopping by and going on the Tour of Gardens in Bainbridge, Georgia.

On this Memorial Day we honor all armed forces members who gave their all to defend our country.  There will never be a way to thank them and their families enough.

Wishing you a very nice beginning of your week wherever you may be.