Thursday, January 18, 2018

More Needlework Designs

Hello Everyone!  I surely do hope you are keeping warm on this very cold evening.  We live in the Deep South here in North Florida and we are forecast to have 22 degree temperatures tonight.   It is even almost too cold to walk out on the back porch to grab another log for the fireplace.

In the last Sweet Southern Days post I shared with you about a charming Needlework Shop we visited while in the town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  If you like needlework projects you might enjoy walking through that shop shown in the last post.  You can click on this link if you would like to take a look:

I had been working on a Halloween theme counted cross-stitch pattern for one of our daughters who loves Halloween. While walking through that delightful shop I noticed the very creative matting and framing of many of their finished pieces.  The ladies in the shop were good enough to share with me the person who does the matting and framing for their shop.

In the below photo we see the just finished "Halloween" cross-stitch pattern I had been working on.  I love the happy little pumpkins, the haunted house, the smiling witch and cute little ghost and even a spider and black cat.

I just now looked online at Hobby Lobby to see if they still have this kit.  Yes, sure enough, they still do.   
Here is the Hobby Lobby information in case you are interested: 

In the below photo we see the finished matted and framed project.

The below photo shows the matting a little better.  
I loved the little spider and the Jack-o'-lantern cut into the finished mat.

I began to wonder just how long ladies (and I guess some men) have been interested in and working on needlework.  According to Mr. Google it has been before 3000 BC.  Apparently, needles with eyes were found in caves dating back to the prehistoric people.

Over the years needlework has always been a fun and relaxing pastime.  In the below photo we see another finished "Halloween" theme counted cross-stitch which is used for a decoration in our house each year.

And, as I looked around there are other projects that were 
finished many years ago as seen in the below photos.

I always place this Christmas "Welcome" frame on an entrance table in the foyer during Christmas time.  After finishing this cross-stitch pattern I covered a mat with this red calico print and I added the red eyelet-lace around the pattern.

Our brother-in-law framed this project for me many years ago.  As you can see he used old barn wood for the frame which fits in perfectly with the old farmhouse look of our home.

The "Merry Christmas" wreath seen in the below photo was another cross-stitch
Christmas decoration completed many years ago.

When the Halloween and Christmas decorations are put away from the entrance table 
then these year-round cross-stitch pieces are put back in place.

I thought it would be fun to find some Christmas tree counted cross-stitch ornaments to work on for next year so I went looking to see if any were still available online.  Several sites came up, but the ones I liked most were at Amazon.

And, this Christmas Tree Ornament caught my eye also.

These two cross-stitch ornaments are kits with everything you need to complete these projects. They come with a 14-count plastic canvas too, but I am going to make them on a gold flecked 14-count fabric instead, which I just happened to find at Hobby Lobby.  And, yes, the gold-flecked fabric is still available also:  

Instead of using the plastic canvas I will make a stuffed pillow-like ornament outlined in a Christmasy trim of some sort. It should be a fun project to work on in spare time while it is warm and cozy inside by the fireplace.

I hope you keep warm, safe and cozy wherever you may be as we all enjoy this beautiful and very cold weather this Winter.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Visit To Dixie Darlin Needlework Shop In Pigeon Forge

One of my favorite places to visit when we travel to the mountains in the Fall is the Dixie Darlin Needlework Shop located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Dixie Darlin Needlework Shop
3355 Butler Street
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Come on and let's go inside and see all of the special needlework projects on display.  

Before going inside I picked up my camera to take with me.  I asked the ladies behind the counter if it would be all right to take photos with the thought in mind of sharing them on Sweet Southern Days. They were very accommodating and said many folks took photos when they visited this interesting shop.

As you can see this is a very large store where you can brouse to your heart's content probably for a couple of hours if you take time to see everything.

So many of the patterns available here have been finished, framed and are on the wall to give you a really good idea just what you will be purchasing.

Every wall was full of very interesting needlework.

There were additional separate patterns available for needlework projects.

And, there was everything one would need to start and complete the pattern of their choice.
Below we see some of the cross-stitch fabrics in different colors and sizes.

And, as you can see there was a large selection of embroidery floss in every color.

And, in the below photo we see additional embroidery thread in silks and metallics.

One of my favorite sections in Dixie Darlin is the Holiday section; especially the Christmas section.

There were many cross-stitch Christmas Stocking patterns available.

I overheard one customer in the shop telling the owner that at her recent Christmas Luncheon
she had given each guest a keepsake cross-stitch tree ornament to take home with them.
She had purchased the patterns from the collection seen in the below photos.

I walked around the shop and took photos of many of the finished and framed needlework.

The ceiling lights reflected on many of the photos.

I loved the creative matting and framing seen in many of these finished pieces.

Love Halloween and the below pattern was a "must-have."

As you can see from all these photos it looks like there is something for everyone.
I especially liked the "treasured friend" cross-stitch seen below.

Just in case you see something you can't live without,  you can contact the ladies of the
Dixie Darlin Shop. In the below photo you will see their contact information.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.  I am wishing you warm Winter days during this quiet and peaceful time of the year as we all enjoy the beauty of Wintertime.  

Have a wonderful rest of your week wherever you may be.