Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Making Curtains For The Little House ~ Remodel - Part IIII

Hi Everyone.  We hope you had a wonderful Easter Holy Week and a happy and holy Easter Sunday.  We had a wonderful time celebrating this special event with family and friends and we all brought warm covered dishes and enjoyed a delicious Easter Sunday dinner hosted by our daughter Sharon and her husband Charlie. 

In previous posts we viewed the remodeling of the little house down the hill from our main family home.  If you would like to see these posts you can click on the links below.  The first link shows the outside remodel and the next three posts show the inside remodel of the little house:



Today we will show how some of the curtains were made for the inside windows.  In the below photo we again see the "blue bedroom."  Our daughter Stephanie made the draw drapes seen at the double doors at the back of the room.  She made these curtains all in one weekend.  I have no idea how to make these curtains and was so thankful she took on this huge project.  

Plus, she made the ruffled monogrammed pillow for the bed,  along with the ruffled Euro pillow shams and the matching bedskirt.

The curtains you see in the below photo are swag and jabot curtains 
attached to a board and placed above the window.

These swag/jabot curtains are very easy to make by just following the pattern instructions.

I have had this McCall's curtain pattern for years and have used it many times making curtains for other windows in our home up the hill,  and also making curtains for friends.  When looking at the pattern, the bottom left top photo as you can see is the pattern I used for these single windows for the little house.

I also used the bottom right design of this pattern to make curtains for our family-room for our main family home up the hill. Below you will see photos of that family room and how different the curtains can look using the same pattern.  There are different variations of this same pattern and I used the pattern shown in the bottom right on the pattern photo.

This pattern design worked out well for these double windows.  At that time I chose a floral Laura Ashley fabric with a light blue background and added matching tassel trim.

The below photo shows the three double windows in this section of the family room.

And in the below photo this is the view you would see if standing at the fireplace looking across the room.  There are five double windows in this room and I thought this pattern worked well for all of these windows.  

I did not want the curtains to be overpowering so did not have the side jabots come all the way down.  And, as you can see the inside jabots were shorter than the outside just to give a balanced look to the windows.

Dragging my feet a little it took me about 2 months to finish these five sets of curtains.  

I liked the wood framing around the windows and didn't want to cover it up, 
so I made the curtains to fit inside the frame of the windows.

The pattern advertises these curtains can be made in three hours.  Even though the curtains are very easy to make, it took me way many more than three to make these curtains.

I used this pattern to make the single window curtains for each bedroom of the
little house and the double French doors upstairs.

A pattern similar to this is available at the two sites listed below just in case you are interested in finding a similar pattern.

And at the below link you will find many beautiful curtain designs, plus a simple swag/jabot.

When making the curtains for the little house, using the swag/jabot pattern, it is necessary to mount the curtains on a board which will be placed over the window.  So you simply measure the width you wish at your window and make the curtains and the board for the required length.  When you have the pattern it will tell you in detail each step to take.  It sounds complicated, but it is not at all.  If I can do it, anyone can.

You begin by stapling a lining material to cover the board the curtains will be mounted on.

You wrap the board just as you would a gift package only you are using
fabric and heavy-duty staples instead of paper and Scotch tape.

I used the dining room table to lay out the fabric for cutting.

As you can see the pattern offers different lengths.

We were looking for fabric that would bring the outdoors in.
I loved the birds and the dogs seen in this fabric.

This fabric is a heavy linen/cotton blend fabric and it is called Dog Toile.  The above and below photos are all the same fabric.  The top pattern shows a pair of pheasants and in the below photo we see the hunting dogs in print.

I found this fabric at a local fabric store.  After looking online I see that this fabric has been discontinued.  This fabric came in the blue as seen in these photos and also in a gold and red color.

The below photo shows the cut fabric pattern.

The below photo shows the cut lining of the pattern.

After the lining is sewn to the fabric, turned and pressed then
we are ready to sew the sides of the pattern.

Below we see the pattern pulled up and sewn into place.
It is simple you place A to A, B to B, etc.

For this pattern I thought it would be pretty to add this matching tassel-trim which was very easy to sew along the outside edges of the pattern piece.

And the tassels were also added to the jabots which you see in the below photo.  You can see how easy that part of the pattern would be to put together....You just match A to A and B to B, etc.

You sew all of the stitches across the top for the swag and both sides of the jabots.  Then using a heavy duty staple gun you staple the jabots and then staple the swag across the top.

Now you are ready to mount the curtains above the window with an L-shaped bracket.
And that is it!

In the adjoining bedroom to the left we basically followed the same design as in the blue room.

This fabric is called Deer Fabric Red Toile Woods Nature Woodland Lodge print and was available at our local fabric store.  After looking online it seems this particular fabric is also discontinued.  We covered this chair cushion and matching foot stool with the same fabric as the curtains and bed pillows.

I'm not a decorator and I am sure they would have done these rooms differently, but I loved this fabric so much I totally loved using it everywhere.

This fabric with the deer in the print fits right in with the country setting of the little house.

And these curtains were made just as described for the blue room curtains.

And there they are ... It is just that easy!

Join us in the next post as we see the upstairs curtains and the patterns used for them.

Thank you for coming along for a visit today and seeing the steps necessary to make these curtains.  There are lots and lots of curtain design patterns choices out there which include something for everyone.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week with many blessings wherever you may be.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Birthday Celebrations Plus Recipes

Hello Everyone.  This Springtime has been so busy around here as our family celebrates six birthdays from late March until late April. Plus we all enjoyed the joyous celebration of Easter.  Plus two sets of our children came home to celebrate some of their Spring Break with us.

Of course my camera is never too far away as I try to capture some of the fun and the beauty all around.

We enjoyed a fun backyard cookout for my husband and daughter.  My husband requested his favorite lemon cake and our daughter wanted to make her own chocolate cake.

In the below photo we see Grandson Chase and Son-in-law Charlie enjoying the family birthday dinner.

My husband requested a fried chicken dinner.  So, of course, we had the fried chicken, plus another couple of his favorites, pimiento cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs.  I always make our daughter's favorite fried won-tons....because she likes them so much.

I will include these recipes at the end of this post just in case you would like to try them.

Below we see a photo of birthday girl Sharon with the pretty and delicious birthday cake she made.  I wanted to make it for her, but she loves to bake and wanted to make it.  As you can see her cake topping is her monogram.  She loves monograms and this cake topper is perfect for her.

If you would like to order a monogrammed cake topper you can click on the link below.

The next birthday celebrated was for grandson Preston.  Can't believe he is turning 15 already.
He mom baked this requested delicious chocolate cake.

We were so proud for him when the next day after his birthday
he took the test and passed for his driver's permit.

And then the next birthday was for our daughter Stephanie's son Ryan. He too requested the lemon cake.  In a previous Sweet Southern Days I included this family favorite recipe. Click on the link below if you would like to see this recipe:

The next family birthday was just recently for grandson Lawson.  As you can see he is turning 12.  He too wanted a chocolate cake.  His mom loves to bake and went looking on Pinterest for this Kit Kat Chocolate cake recipe.  It is a three layer cake with white buttercream icing for the first layer and for the second layer she used chocolate buttercream icing (both icing recipes included broken up pieces of Kit Kats).  Then she placed Kit Kats all around the outside of the cake.

I must add that this is probably one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted.

Our local grocery store Publix has beautiful fresh flowers.  They are just perfect for making a Happy Birthday flower arrangement.  And, this arrangement would be used the next day for the Easter table centerpiece as well.

Daughter Stephanie with her son and our grandson Chase.

We enjoyed celebrating Easter at our daughter Sharon's home.
I love the Easter wreath she made by gluing all of these plastic eggs in place.

Every year we make this Easter Bunny Cake for the table.  I usually make him with a bow tie covered in jelly beans, but this year we decided on a girl instead ... See her pink bow on the left side!   She was chocolate with white butter-cream-icing with a little pink coconut for her cheeks and ears.....So good!
Oh! And also jelly beans for the eyes and mouth!

An Easter decoration in the flower arrangement.

Below you will see the recipes included in some of the Birthday dinners:

Pimiento Cheese Spread
Papaw’s Favorite for sandwiches.

·      1 – 8 oz. package shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
·      1 – 8 oz. package shredded extra-sharp Cheddar cheese
·      2 – 4 oz. jar pimientos, with juice
·      ¼ cup mayonnaise
·      Salt and pepper

1.    Mix the shredded cheeses together with the pimientos and their juice.
2.    Stir in the mayonnaise until well blended.
3.    Add salt and pepper, to taste, and stir.
4.    Keep covered in the refrigerator until ready to use.
5.    It is easier to spread if left on the counter for 30 minutes before serving.

6.    Great on bread, celery sticks, or crackers.


Deviled Eggs

·      12 Hard Boiled Eggs
·      ½ cup Mayonnaise
·      2 teaspoons Vinegar
·      2 teaspoon Mustard
·      Salt to taste
·      About 2 and ½ teaspoon Sweet Relish or to your taste.


1.    Halve hard-boiled eggs lengthwise.
2.   Remove yolks to separate bowl and mash with fork.
3.   Stir in mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard and salt.
4.   Add relish
5.   Mix all until very smooth.
6.   Spoon into prepared eggs.


Fried Won Tons

·      1 pound Ground Lean Pork (looks like hamburger)
·      6-8 Green Onions,  finely chopped
·      2 teaspoons Soy Sauce (you can use more if you like)
·      ½ teaspoon Salt
·      a little Pepper
·      2  and ½  teaspoons minced fresh Ginger
·      1 Egg beaten
·   1 package Won Ton Wrappers – I usually get Egg Roll Wrappers and cut them in ¼ sections.  Available in produce.
·      Cooking oil
·      Duck Sauce

1.     Combine pork, onion, soy sauce, salt, pepper, ginger until well mixed.

2.     Place a won ton wrapper on the counter.  Place about a teaspoon of filling in one corner.

3.     Dip finger in egg and dab around sides of wrapper.  Fold the corner over filling and roll to tuck point under.  Moisten the two side corners with egg.

4.     Bring side corners together, overlapping slightly.  Pinch together firmly to seal.

5.     Have a frying container with enough cooking oil to cover won tons.

6.     Fry as many as will fit into the cooking pan and continue to fry until browned and long enough to cook inside.

7.     Place on paper towel to drain.  Serve with Duck Sauce (found in the Chinese food section at the grocery store.)

8.     Can be reheated in the microwave, maybe 10 seconds.

9.     This recipe is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Image result for birthday clip artImage result for birthday clip artImage result for birthday clip art

It is always fun celebrating the special times in our lives with family and friends.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the new week ahead is filled with 
wonderful blessings for you and your family wherever you may be.