Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Soup with Biscuits Recipes

Well! If you are like we are, you have left-overs from Thanksgiving.  Most of the left-overs are gone now, but I did freeze some of the remaining turkey with the thought in mind of trying to make turkey soup like my mother used to make.  My sweet Mom is gone now, but her memories are with me always, especially during the holidays.  I never did ask her how she made that soup......but, I sure do remember how delicious it was.  I decided to use ingredients I remembered in her soup and make up a recipe.  My husband really enjoyed the finished turkey soup, so I thought it might be fun to share the recipe with you.  

I also made some of our favorite super-easy biscuits to go with the soup and will share that recipe also.

Ingredients for Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup Recipe 
  •   2 1/2 quarts of chicken broth
  •  1/4 cup chopped onion
  •  1/2 teaspoon salt (you may need to add more later, according to your taste.)
  •  pepper,  to your taste (I used about 1/2 teaspoon)
  •  1 Tablespoon dried basil
  •  1 Tablespoon poultry seasoning
  •   2  (16. oz) packages frozen vegetables (included were peas, corn, green beans, lima beans, and carrots)
  •  1 (6oz) package of Uncle Ben's Country Inn Chicken & Wild Rice (use seasoning packet)
  •   3-4 stalks celery, diced
  •  1 can condensed cream-of-chicken soup, undiluted. 
  •   3 cups (cooked) turkey, diced
In a large soup pot, add all of the above ingredients, cover and simmer until the vegetables and rice are tender.

Note:  If you like your soup thickened a little as we do, you can add equal parts of water and Cornstarch mixed together (about 2 Tablespoons each of water and Cornstarch).  While stirring the soup, add the Cornstarch.

Ingredients for Biscuits

  Quick and Easy Biscuit Recipe
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  •  butter or Smart Balance, melted (enough to spread on top of biscuits before putting in oven.)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   Mix ingredients well.   Roll out with rolling pin.   Cut biscuits with biscuit cutter.  Spoon a little melted butter or Smart Balance on each biscuit.   Bake 20 minutes or until browned on top.

I always forget the bread in the oven and this time was no different, but they were still good.

Those Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock had lost 56 members of the original group who came over from England on the Mayflower, mostly to starvation.  So they really had something to celebrate the year 1621 when they finally had a great harvest.   They came together with the Wampanoag Indians who had helped them so much that first year.  They celebrated with a three-day festival.  Here we are, all those years later,  still celebrating.

If you try these recipes I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Hope you are doing well wherever you may be.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit with us here in Tallahassee, Florida.   Please do come again!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

We love to be surrounded by family on Thanksgiving Day.  My mother always cooked the most wonderful Thanksgiving meal.  She is no longer with us, but I sure do feel her presence as I go through her menu trying to prepare the same delicious dishes she did during our growing up days.  

We usually have Turkey, Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Ham with Pineapple Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Fruit Salad, Pimiento Cheese Celery Sticks, Cranberry Sauce, Dinner Rolls and Sweet Tea.  And then for dessert, we have several pies to choose from:  Apple Pie, Chocolate Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Pecan Pie.  One of our sons-in-law's Mother came and brought Bread Pudding for the dessert table as well.

We were all very thankful to be able to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal shared with many of our dear loved ones, and we did give thanks for that and much more!

The below photo shows our 8 year old granddaughter Elly, being very creative making Turkey Cupcakes.  What a fun project that was for Elly, her mother Debi, and for me to help create.

Well! If you use your imagination, they do look a little like turkeys.

This is our 10 year old grandson Preston.  He loves Pumpkin Pie.  He likes to help out in the kitchen and in this photo he is busy making the pie crust for the Pumpkin Pie.

In the below photo is our 7 year old grandson Lawson.  He helped out in the kitchen also making pie crust decorations for the top of the pies.  We all had a lot of fun together in the kitchen getting the pies made the day before Thanksgiving.

The boys did a good job making the Pumpkin Pie.

This is our little nightlight friend watching all of our activities.

I try to set the dining room table the day before Thanksgiving, because the cooking on Thanksgiving Day usually takes every spare minute.

The below photo shows the dining room which was once our garage.  As our family grew we seriously needed a larger dining room.  We closed in the garage, and then added another garage off to the side of this room.  Now we have plenty of moving around room when all the children and grandchildren come home.  We still added an additional four chair card table to accommodate everyone for Thanksgiving dinner.  It does not show up in this photo.

As I have mentioned in previous posts,  we love to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Summertime. Many years ago when we were planning to convert the garage into a dining room, we visited Morton's Antiques there in Gatlinburg and found this chandelier.

Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.

There at Morton's Antiques they told us that this chandelier was an old gas light converted to electric and that it came from an old hotel in Italy.  Little did we know on the day we stepped into Morton's Antiques, that they would have just the kind of lighting we needed for our new dining room-to-be.

They have a lot of beautiful chandeliers, furniture and artwork.  If you are interested in checking on their website you can click on:

At the end of the dining room,  above the fireplace,  is this interesting Bev Doolittle painting, in the below photo.  Many years ago when we were traveling in Colorado, we happened into an art gallery and that is where we first saw Bev Doolittle's work.

We like all of Bev Doolittle's paintings and have several others, but we especially like her Forest Has Eyes.  Bev Doolittle tells us that in Forest Has Eyes "she wants the viewer to share the emotions of the rider on horseback."  Bev Doolittle's work must be looked at again and again.  In the below picture we read the story of a mountain man, not easily frightened, but respectful of the ways of the Indians.  Passing through Indian territory, he is very wary.  That is when his imagination takes over, creating images and persuading us that they are real.  Are our eyes playing tricks on us?  Or, does the forest have eyes?

How many faces do you count in the painting?

Bev Doolittle's Painting Forest Has Eyes

We all enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone went home happy and FULL!

As you can see in the below photos, even though we live in Florida, (North Florida) we do experience some Fall color.

After all that cooking yesterday, we had some spare time today to get out and about on such a beautiful day.  Our grandsons Casey and Connor came over this afternoon.  We had a good time walking around the pond looking for Alfred the Alligator.  (Remember him from a previous post?)......We have not seen Alfred lately.  Don't know if he took a walk or is just buried in the sand somewhere keeping warm on these cooler days.

In an earlier post I told you about these adorable "Switchable Stained Glass Nightlights."  I guess they appeal to the kid in me, because I think they are so-o-o cute.  So I guess in a few days this little fella will take the place of the Thanksgiving turkey nightlight, and he will become our new kitchen nightlight.

We hope that wherever you may be that you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving,  and that your life is filled with many blessing.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanks for dropping by and having a nice visit with us here in Tallahassee.  Please do come again.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Historic Places in Macon, Georgia

Last week we arrived in Macon, Georgia for my husband's Homecoming Weekend at Mercer University.  It was a delightful weekend visiting with Fraternity Brothers and their wives, and other dear friends. They all walked back through "memory lane" and had a great time together.

When most of the festivities were over we went sightseeing through the beautiful city of Macon.  As we drove through downtown we spotted these two amazing old churches

First Baptist Church of Christ

Directly across the street from the Baptist Church is this beautiful old church in the photo below.  The doors were open and folks were going in for 4:30 mass.  What good luck for us.....we went inside and of course I took my camera to take photos of the inside of this beautiful old church.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

This sign out in front of the church told some interesting historical information.

The stained glass was so beautiful.  I could have taken lots more photos of all the beauty inside this old church.  I have never seen a church decorated with Fall pretty!

Just look at that alter overflowing with sunflowers and pumpkins

If you noticed the first photo of this church on the outside, you see the huge round stained glass window.  As we are walking out of the church and look up, this is the inside view of that round stained glass window.  Such amazing and beautiful artwork.

The Downtown Grill in the below photo was a well-known restaurant during college days, and was often visited by the Mercer students, especially on special occasions.  Back then, it was called the Saratoga Restaurant.

The Downtown Grill is an English Steakhouse that specializes in prime cut Black Angus steaks, fresh pasta dishes, fish fillets and decadent desserts.  My husband and I enjoyed a very delicious dinner in a cozy, charming atmosphere.

The Historic Hay House
The Hay House is one of Macon's most popular tourist attractions with over 20,000 visitors each year.  The house was built between 1855 and 1859.  The home has been called the "Palace of the South" and was declared a National Historic Landmark.

During our visit the Fall leaves all around Macon were at full Fall color.

This beautiful house in the below photo was built in 1836. The house was once owned by Colonel Joseph Bond, one of the South's wealthiest cotton planters.  In 1887 a 16th birthday ball was held in the home for Winnie Davis, daughter of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

In 1978 Mercer University acquired this beautiful old house and renamed it the  Woodruff House.

Woodruff House (Previously the Cowles-Bond House)

There were so many beautiful old homes as we drove through this old historical neighborhood.  

The city of Macon is part of  the Civil War Heritage Trail.  Macon survived the Civil War relatively unscathed.  This era is preserved and evident in several attractions in the Macon area.

During the Civil War,  Macon provided hospitals for wounded Confederates.  A prison for Union soldiers was also set up in Macon.

During the Civil War  Findley Ironworks in Macon was the manufacturing center for Confederate weapons.

For anyone interested in learning more about Macon's role in the Civil War, there is a book available at called:  Civil War Macon:  The History of a Confederate City  by Richard W. Iobst

1842 Bed and Breakfast Inn

Located in the same historic neighborhood is this beautiful old home.  It is now the 1842 Bed and Breakfast Inn.  The Inn has nineteen guest rooms, hospitality parlors as well as a courtyard and porches for entertaining.

The house was built in 1842 for John Gresham, a former mayor of Macon, attorney, Judge and cotton merchant.

A few more neighborhood homes.

We spotted the below banner telling about the upcoming Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes.  Can you just imagine these old homes beautifully decorated for the Christmas season!  I would love to take this tour!

There were so many more old and interesting homes in the Macon area.  The above photos may be enough to give you a glimpse into what Macon must have been like in the 1800's

Thanks for joining us as we traveled through the old neighborhoods in Macon and heard echos of the past.

Wishing you special days ahead with family and friends, as we prepare our homes for Thanksgiving Day.

Blessings to you where ever you may be.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mercer University in Macon, Georgia

Macon University
1400 Coleman Avenue
Macon, Georgia 

As you can see Mercer University is located in the middle of the deep South.  Located about 75 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia.

We arrived at Mercer University Campus on a beautiful day for a Fall Homecoming weekend.  My husband attended Mercer University many years ago, and later on so did one of our daughters.  It was a wonderful experience for both of them.  On this weekend my husband especially enjoyed meeting  Fraternity Brothers, seeing old friends, and even seeing some of the teachers he knew back then.

Mercer could not have shown more Southern hospitality than they did for all of us for this special Homecoming Weekend.

Administration Building

 The Old Auditorium

 More photos of the beautiful old Administration Building.

William D. Underwood arrived at Mercer in 2006 and became the 18th President of Mercer University.  Since his arrival, Mercer has launched a second medical school campus in Savannah, initiated a master's-level physician assistant program, a doctoral-level program in physical therapy, and added Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Counseling, Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction.  I could go on and on telling you all President Underwood has done for Mercer University.

The U.S. News and World Report has for 20 consecutive years ranked Mercer among the Top 15 Universities in the South.  The University has been named a "College with a Conscience" by The Princeton Review. 

Mercer University is a faith-based institution affirming religious and moral values that arise from the Judeo-Christian understanding of the world

The new Library

Mercer University includes Liberal Arts, Business and Economics, Engineering, Education, Music, Nursing, Continuing and Professional Studies, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Theology.

Ware Building - Biology

Economics Building

At one time this was a freshman dorm for men. 

My husband fondly remembers the day his Mamma and Daddy brought him here for his first Freshman day at Mercer University.  With a lump in his throat and keen determination, he was ready to embark on an adventure that took him beyond his wildest imagination.

And then, there was a lump in my throat when we brought our daughter Sharon here for her first day as a Freshman at Mercer University.

Porter Hall Girls Dorm

 Shorter Hall Dorm for men.

Mercer University was founded in 1833 by Georgia Baptists. It was initially a boys preparatory school named "Mercer Institute," with 39 students enrolled.  From it's humble beginnings Mercer today is a dynamic and comprehensive center of undergraduate, graduate and professional education.  Today there are 8,300 students.

 Mercer University has been recognized as one of the five most beautiful college or university campuses in the United States.

Toby Bear is Mercer University's official mascot. Toby gained public notoriety among universities throughout the country when he was selected as the number one video qualifier for the NCA National Collegiate Mascot competition in the Spring of 2012.

 Toby Bear Mascot for Mercer University.

Guests for Homecoming Weekend were treated to a delicious luncheon at the Mercer University Center in the below photo.

Charming old Mercer University Alumni House.

 We did not have a scheduled event at the Alumni House....We just peeked inside and looked around just a little.   Of course I could not resist taking a couple of photos of the inside. 

Next door to the Dr. Lee Alumni House was this charming old home called the Mercer University Tift College Alumni House.

The Walter F. George School of Law was not directly on the Mercer Campus.....The Law School is located on it's own campus in Macon, about 1 mile from the main campus.  Nancy Grace, the well-known television attorney attended Mercer Law School.

Walter F. George School of Law

The Law school was established in 1873, and was named the Walter F. George School of Law in 1947 in honor of Mercer alumnus Walter F. George, class of 1901, who served as a United States Senator from Georgia.

In the below photo is Penfield Hall.  It use to be a girls gym, but is now used for social functions.  Our Homecoming dinner and program was held on Friday evening in this charming old building.  It was such a fun evening of meeting old friends and sharing a delicious meal.

Penfield Hall

Mercer Medical School was founded in 1982.

The Greek Village at Mercer University was dedicated in 2000. 

The ATO's are near and dear to my husband's heart.  Many fond memories were shared with ATO Fraternity Brothers on this Homecoming Weekend.  One of their ATO brothers became the Governor of Georgia in 2011.  He became the 11th Mercer alumnus to hold that office.  All of the ATO brothers are extremely proud of Governor Nathan Deal.

Our daughter Sharon also has fond memories of her days at Mercer University as a Phi Mu.

The Phi Mu House

One of the streets in Greek Village

Claude Smith Baseball Field

The sights and sounds of Mercer football will return after a 70-year absence.  The very first football game in 70 years will be held August 31, 2013.  Mercer has already sold over 3,000 season tickets.
Bobby Lamb is the new head coach for the Mercer Bears football team.

Mercer University Football field under construction.

For our Homecoming Weekend at Mercer University we were very fortunate to be able to get reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn, which was conveniently located right on campus, and just off I-75.  They could not have been more hospitable and accommodating.

The Hilton Garden Inn decorated their entrance foyer for Mercer Homecoming guests.

Mercer University was a truly wonderful educational experience for members of our family.  I feel our daughter Sharon not only got a very nice college degree,  but she returned home with far more than an education.  She had been transformed into a fine young Southern lady.   And, of course, my husband received his foundation at Mercer and was able to achieve more than he ever dreamed possible.

There are so many beautiful old homes in the Macon area, and of course I did get some photos to share with you later.

It was so nice of you to come along with us on this trip through memory lane.  Please do come again.