Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick and Easy Fall Wreath

It is time to get a new Fall wreath to take up to our mountain cabin in North Carolina. 

We have recently gotten a Hobby Lobby here in Tallahassee.   While I was there, a large Fall decorated grapevine wreath caught my eye.  I looked at the price tag and decided no, it was way too much!  My practical side would not let me pay $149.00 even with the advertized 40% off.  But I kept thinking about it anyway........And wishing!

As I strolled through the Fall/Halloween isles, the light-bulb went off!  I spotted a group of long rope-like fall flowers with beautiful pine cones and berries that were prettier than the Fall wreath I had been wishing for.  That was it....I would make one instead!  I was fairly certain they would have plain grapevine wreaths.....  Sure enough, there was a grouping of grapevine wreaths on the far left side wall and they had just the right size.

Grapevine Wreath
23 inches from side to side

I collected the needed items to make the wreath.  The wreath, bow, brown pipe-cleaners, rope-like fall flowers, berries and pinecones.

I popped into our local Tallahassee Nurseries Gift Shop to have a bow made for the wreath.  In two minutes they can make the most beautiful bows.  They have all the supplies right there with lots and lots of different colored ribbons to choose from.

 Bow - 9 inches wide

In the below photo is the long rope-like fall decoration that looked just the right length to go all around the wreath.

In the below photo you really have to look closely to see the brown pipe-cleaner being pulled across the flowers and into the wreath.

From the underside you can see how the pipe-cleaner works nicely for tying the flowers to the wreath. 

About every 5-6 inches the flower rope is attached with a pipe-cleaner.

Trying to get a good picture of the finished wreath in the below photo.

The finished wreath.

The wreath shows up better when it is propped up against the dining room hutch.

After all the supplies were collected this wreath went together in about 15 minutes.  The best part is I ended up getting a larger wreath than the one originally spotted in Hobby Lobby.  Plus, the savings from making one was approximately 60% of the total cost.

It was fun working on something pretty for the Fall season, and most especially of all, saving a little in the process.

We will be leaving to head up to our cabin in North Carolina and do a little leaf watching.  We will see you back here sometime before Halloween.  We will miss you and look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks.

Wishing you a happy Fall and sweet and peaceful days.

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  1. Pat, your wreath is absolutely gorgeous and I know it's going to be beautiful on the door of your cabin. What a lovely way to welcome guests to your home and just think ... you made it yourself!

    I hope you can take lots of pictures while you're at the mountains ... and enjoy every minute of your stay.

    Take care ...