Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Soup with Biscuits Recipes

Well! If you are like we are, you have left-overs from Thanksgiving.  Most of the left-overs are gone now, but I did freeze some of the remaining turkey with the thought in mind of trying to make turkey soup like my mother used to make.  My sweet Mom is gone now, but her memories are with me always, especially during the holidays.  I never did ask her how she made that soup......but, I sure do remember how delicious it was.  I decided to use ingredients I remembered in her soup and make up a recipe.  My husband really enjoyed the finished turkey soup, so I thought it might be fun to share the recipe with you.  

I also made some of our favorite super-easy biscuits to go with the soup and will share that recipe also.

Ingredients for Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup Recipe 
  •   2 1/2 quarts of chicken broth
  •  1/4 cup chopped onion
  •  1/2 teaspoon salt (you may need to add more later, according to your taste.)
  •  pepper,  to your taste (I used about 1/2 teaspoon)
  •  1 Tablespoon dried basil
  •  1 Tablespoon poultry seasoning
  •   2  (16. oz) packages frozen vegetables (included were peas, corn, green beans, lima beans, and carrots)
  •  1 (6oz) package of Uncle Ben's Country Inn Chicken & Wild Rice (use seasoning packet)
  •   3-4 stalks celery, diced
  •  1 can condensed cream-of-chicken soup, undiluted. 
  •   3 cups (cooked) turkey, diced
In a large soup pot, add all of the above ingredients, cover and simmer until the vegetables and rice are tender.

Note:  If you like your soup thickened a little as we do, you can add equal parts of water and Cornstarch mixed together (about 2 Tablespoons each of water and Cornstarch).  While stirring the soup, add the Cornstarch.

Ingredients for Biscuits

  Quick and Easy Biscuit Recipe
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  •  butter or Smart Balance, melted (enough to spread on top of biscuits before putting in oven.)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   Mix ingredients well.   Roll out with rolling pin.   Cut biscuits with biscuit cutter.  Spoon a little melted butter or Smart Balance on each biscuit.   Bake 20 minutes or until browned on top.

I always forget the bread in the oven and this time was no different, but they were still good.

Those Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock had lost 56 members of the original group who came over from England on the Mayflower, mostly to starvation.  So they really had something to celebrate the year 1621 when they finally had a great harvest.   They came together with the Wampanoag Indians who had helped them so much that first year.  They celebrated with a three-day festival.  Here we are, all those years later,  still celebrating.

If you try these recipes I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Hope you are doing well wherever you may be.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit with us here in Tallahassee, Florida.   Please do come again!

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