Friday, January 25, 2013

A Lifetime of Trucks and Cars

We were driving along Highway 319,  just south of Tallahassee in Wakulla county, when I looked out the car window, did a double-take,  and said, "What?"  .........  I asked my husband if he would mind turning around and driving back a short distance .... He had not seen what I had just seen. 

Notice the driving path around this tree.

Being the good sport that he is, he turned the car around and we drove back.  Yes, I was not seeing things .... There they were,  a rusted line-up of old trucks, and I later discovered cars too, all lined up as if on display.

I was so glad to have my camera with me because I thought these old trucks made such an interesting picture.

As we walked around each old rusty car, we wondered why, and who,  posed all of these old trucks and cars and lined them up so nicely.

Every one of the old rusted trucks and cars looked like they could each tell an interesting story.

You could tell from the tire marks around the tree as we drove in,  that many others had the same curiosity we were having.

I took lots of pictures and then we drove back on the highway and continued on our way.

It was a good bit after lunchtime so we decided at the next restaurant we would stop in for a late lunch and ask a few questions about these old trucks and cars.

We stopped in at Posey's restaurant which was just a short distance from the old trucks,  in a little town called Medart.

As we began asking questions about the old rusted trucks the owner of the restaurant actually came over, pulled up a chair, sat down with us and told us the story......

She said some folks in the area had a large family farm.  Each time their truck became so old they could not drive it anymore and it was no longer useful on the farm, they just parked it somewhere on their property and it just sat and rusted.  It started with the grandfather.....

Then, the father did the same thing with his old trucks, and the years slowly slipped by.

This below truck looks like it may have been an old hay truck.

Then, one day not too long ago,  the son and grandson of these two farmers decided to take all of his grandfather's and father's old cars and trucks and line them across the property.  I am guessing here, but I would like to think he lined the cars up in memory and tribute to days gone by and to his father and grandfather.

At the restaurant they told us all of the trucks are lined up from left to right, with the oldest being on the left, on down to the most recent vehicle on the right.  They date back from the early 1900s to the mid 1970s.

In the below photo is Posey's Seafood Restaurant where they were so friendly and shared the sweet story about the old rusted trucks.  

Driving from Tallahassee, this restaurant is located on Highway 319,  just outside of Crawfordville in Medart.  It is located about 25 miles south of Tallahassee.  Just for the record....  The food was delicious.  My husband had Oysters and I had the most delicious Fried Shrimp......thought you might like to know that,  just in case you are ever going this way.

There are so many good people in this world.  How special of this young man to think of his father and grandfather,  and go to all that trouble to put their old trucks on display.  The owner of the above restaurant said she knows him,  and he is dismayed with the interest in his family's old vehicles.  She also said many folks come there to have family portraits made in front of the old trucks.  I would love to see some of those photos.

Well! we never know what we might see next do we!

It was fun having you come along with us today.  Sure hope you are doing well wherever you may be.


  1. Came across your web page by accident.

    What a great series of photos (well done), and what a nice family story.

    Kind Regards

    Chris Ridley

    1. Chris,

      So glad you happened by Sweet Southern Days and enjoyed the photos of the old rusted cars and trucks. Yes, what a nice young man to honor his grandfather and father in such a unique way.....I was touched! Do hope you stop by again. Blessings to you,

      Pat in Tallahassee, Florida

  2. Oh! Thank you for the sweet words about Sweet Southern Days.

    A friend suggested to me when I became interested in having a blog. It is completely free and with a little help from a computer friend I was able to follow the prompts and create the blog.

    Thank you for stopping by ... I am so glad you did.