Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Easter Chocolate Show

It is rare to open the mailbox and have what you would call "real mail" anymore ... But, when I opened the mailbox there it was ... a pretty little envelope addressed to Pat and Daughters.  I pulled out the charming little yellow invitation showing an Easter basket full of colorful eggs and a pretty pink bow on the handle, and read the words,  "Hop on over for an Easter Chocolate Show."  How delightful!  My thoughts were, "What a great way to start Spring and the Easter season." 

Our friend and special neighbor who lives just a short distance through the woods was going to have one of her Easter Chocolate Shows to share with friends and family. Her sweet daughter was helping her host the party this year along with a little help from her four year old granddaughter.

 I love driving down this old country road to get to her home.

I could have walked through the woods to get to her house, but just recently heard on the local news that rattlesnakes had begun to come out to sun themselves .... Would not have wanted to encounter one of those, or pick up any ticks or other critters by walking through the woods, so I drove to her house. 

Both of my in town daughters were invited, but they were committed to other activities and could not join me on this beautiful day.  One was volunteering at Immigration Day at the elementary school and the other daughter was in work related meetings.

It is a special treat driving up to her beautiful home.  I love driving down the long country road and getting to the point where you can just barely see the house.  It feels like you have stepped into the movie, Gone with the Wind.

I love her beautiful Southern-style home.

Such pretty boxwood topiaries and a matching boxwood wreath greet you as you walk up the steps.

I love the simplicity of this beautiful boxwood wreath on the door in the below photo.  It is a live wreath and needs to be watered about two times a week.  Another friend here in Tallahassee is a florist and provides these wreaths for purchase.  It is such a perfect compliment to the matching boxwood topiaries.  If you would like to take a look at some of her beautiful flowers here is her website:

Such a pretty Southern-style wide front porch and rocking chairs,  just beckoning you to "sit a spell."

As Easter time nears my friend says she enjoys having her Chocolate Show to open their house to friends, neighbors and families to "Bring a Basket, Bring a Friend."  Then they can collect chocolates to purchase for their Easter dessert, baskets,  and gifts that are unique, homemade and special.

Come on in and join in the fun.

The first thing that caught my eye as I came back to the family room was the delightful purple and yellow tulip arrangement in the middle of the table.

My friend says, "This is a fun time when we sample chocolates, drink coffee punch 
and enjoy a day of pure Springtime spirit."   And, I sure did enjoy that delicious coffee punch she served to everyone.

She makes these chocolates herself.  Her goal is to use no additives and no paraffin.  After trial and error she came up with her own special recipe.  She whips the hot, but not boiling liquid to keep it smooth and then pours the mixture into plastic molds.

She includes chocolate bunnies and lambs, coconut chocolate nests with eggs, seashells, lollipops of Spring flowers, ballerinas, bunnies,  and baby chicks.

Being a dancer and choreographer she has especially enjoyed what she calls, "the pure joy" of creating a large chocolate ballerina for many of her dancers.  And there are chocolate ballerina lollipops too.

A table full of chocolates.  Each item is made of milk, dark, white or pink chocolate.

She includes gift boxes with large decorated eggs all wrapped with a pretty ribbon and bow.

What sweet little baskets for someone special on your list.

Beautiful yellow tulips decorating the foyer in the hall.

A lovely gift idea.

She has a Florida State University themed table which includes boxed chocolate golf sets with white chocolate golf balls.  Football lollipops for both Florida State and Florida Gators with coordinating ribbons.  Included also are chocolate baseball boys holding a baseball bat,  (having 4 baseball grandsons I was delighted to find these available.)  She also includes large chocolate baseballs and race cars.

I loved these ceramic "Happy Easter" eggs filled with chocolate.  A great gift idea.

What a sweet little Easter decoration standing in the foyer.

More Easter decorations.

  With a special thank-you to our hostesses and a basket full of cute little chocolate items 
to give to the Easter Bunny 
I headed out the door into the beautiful day.

Having my camera with me I decided to take a couple of pictures of some of the garden items decorating the yard.

We are so blessed to have our wonderful neighbors and to be invited to such a charming morning of Easter joy and inspiration.  As I leave the driveway, in the below photo on my way  toward home,  I have been inspired to get busy with my Easter decorating.

Well!  Thank you for coming along with us this morning and I sure hope you enjoyed your visit to our friends beautiful home,  and that you too have been inspired with the lovely Easter chocolates and decorations.

Wishing you the joy of family, neighbors and friends, and that your days are filled with happiness and blessings wherever you may be.

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