Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall in the Foothills Parkway, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

Leaving the Tail of the Dragon area as shown in the post before last, we drive three miles north and then turn off from Highway 129 onto the scenic Foothills Parkway.  The Parkway is a 16.5 mile drive along ridge-tops overlooking the beautiful Smoky Mountain Park on the right side and Tennessee Valley on the left side.

Looking out to the right from the Parkway we see Smoky Mountain National Park.

Looking out to the left from the Parkway we see the Tennessee Valley.

Traveling 16 miles of the Parkway at 45 miles per hour we reach Highway 321.

As we reach Highway 321 we begin the drive through 
the beautiful Tennessee Wears Valley.

Picturesque red barn along the way.

How about some breakfast at Hillbilly's Restaurant.

An interesting decoration in the restaurant.
Breakfast was delicious!

It was a real treat to stop at this pumpkin patch with beautiful Fall decorations.
How about those huge pumpkins!

Still driving through Wears Valley we spot this charming old church.

Driving on into Pigeon Forge it was delightful to see all of the 
Fall decorations everywhere.

This was an especially creative Fall display.

I love all of these beautiful huge pumpkins.

The trees were beginning to turn a little more on this side of the mountains.

The entrance into Gatlinburg has a very pretty Fall display.  

Beginning in September the Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival season begins.  Locals in the area decorate store fronts for Fall and celebrate with a variety of events.  One of the main events is the Craftsman's Fair at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

We walked around the main street in Gatlinburg.  
There was a very festive Fall feeling in the air with a lot of beautiful Fall decorations.

Yes, they have a huge Moonshine store here in this side shopping area, 
and they too had a very pretty Fall display.

We stopped for awhile and listened to this wonderful "Blue Grass" band.

These American Flags were so pretty along with all of the Fall decorations.

How delightful to try to capture some of these beautiful Fall decorations with my camera.  There was such a fun and festive feeling in the air all along the route we took.

Come along with us next time as we travel through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and drive on into the well preserved, very remote,  early settlement of Historical Cades Cove.

Wishing you happy days with many blessings wherever you may be.

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