Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pretty Blossoms That Mean So Much

Here in the South when someone has been ill it is a tradition for friends and family to come bringing food or flowers along with expressions of love and get-well wishes.   I have a feeling it is probably that way in most all areas of the world.

Recently a member of our family had a quick visit to the hospital to have a problem fixed surgically, and is now home and doing wonderfully well.  Friends came in with their sweet well-wishes and I tried to capture some of their thoughtfulness for all time keepsakes with my camera.

In the below photo is a miniature Wild Violet bouquet a friend picked from her yard.  Isn't that the most adorable little bouquet you have ever seen!  And, how nice of her to take the time to pick these little flowers and place them so beautifully in this little tiny vase, which is itself a little treasure.  

She brought the flowers over on St. Patrick's Day and she also brought the most delicious traditional St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef and Cabbage, Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup, Homemade Cornbread with Broccoli and as if that was not enough she also made Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Are you hungry yet!
Miniature Wild Violets

 You can see how little and adorable they are.

Earlier that day the folks at Elinor Doyle Florist in Tallahassee created this gorgeous floral arrangement as a gift from my husband's office for our recovering family member.
Elinor Doyle Florist
111 E. College Ave.
Tallahassee, Florida

There are so many different beautiful flowers in this arrangement I have had the most fun trying to get some pretty pictures of all of them.  It was a dark and rainy day outside and not too much light was streaming into the kitchen so I broke the photography rules and used the flash.  Real photographers say that is a no-no,  but I actually love the brightness of the colors when the flash is used.  I guess the expression "Ignorance is Bliss" comes into play here.

 Can you believe the perfection of this perfect Iris!

One of my husband's partners sent this amazingly beautiful Orchid plant.  Our friend and his girlfriend were so thoughtful to send this lovely plant.  She is a sweet Southern girl from Bainbridge, Georgia and he is a real true Italian all the way from Terni, Italy.   She has succeeded in turning him into a true Italian Southerner with his sweet thoughtfulness.

The lighting was not good inside so I took this beautiful flower outside on the front porch to try to capture it's beauty in better light.   It was an overcast day and the lighting was not too much better on the porch.  I think I used the flash pointed up and not directly on the flowers here too.

The elegant beauty of this flower is complimented by the equally elegant flower container,
 accentuated with the lovely Fleur-de-lis symbol.  There is something so majestic 
about the Fleur-de-lis symbol.

Flur-de-lis Decorated Flower Pot

The Fleur-de-lis began hundreds of years ago as an enduring symbol of France and it has consistently been used as a royal emblem in many other countries as well.  This symbol was originally brought to our country by the early French settlers and can often be seen on banners in New Orleans and along the Mississippi.

This Orchid plant has such beautiful blossoms and flower buds.

What a lovely gift idea for someone just getting out of the hospital.
It is joyful just to look at this beautiful plant.

I thought I would try again to snap some individual flower photos from this beautiful bouquet.
The light from the porch was definitely better than inside.

Can you believe all this beauty.

This bouquet of flowers is without a doubt one of the most 
beautiful floral arrangements I have ever seen.

Our family member was charmed with all the lovely expressions of "get-well" wishes shown in all of the photos.  Sometimes the words "thank-you" do not feel adequate to express genuine appreciation for such thoughtfulness.  You are all so special and dear!

Thank you for coming along with us as our family enjoys all these amazingly beautiful flowers and feels the warmth of special friendships.  Wishing you joyful days with many blessings wherever you may be.

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