Thursday, February 26, 2015

Three Helpful Products

These rainy, extremely cold and windy days have been a great time to stay indoors and get a lot of early Spring cleaning done.

In a recent conversation with a friend she told me about the product in the below photo and how it transforms white laundry to be as sparkling white as can be;  even better than when using Bleach.    I used the regular water levels for the load of laundry, added the usual laundry detergent,  and then added the recommended White Bright mixed with a gallon of water.  She suggested soaking the laundry overnight for best results.

I took her advice and then washed a white Matelasse bed coverlet and matching pillow shams,  plus the white eyelet bed-skirt in the White Bright.  They truly did become sparkling white.

If you ever decide you would like to try this product,  it is available in the laundry detergent/bleach isle at Walmart.    I had to look a little while to find it,  but finally spotted it just past the bottles of bleach.

White Bright Laundry Whitener

If the deer ever stop by your garden for breakfast,  the product in the below photo may be the solution.   Another friend was telling us that this works for her!  If it should rain, the product needs to be reapplied.

It is delightful to see the deer visiting in the yard, but last year they ate one side of our climbing Katrina Rose bush.  It  had grown so pretty and then one day I noticed one whole side was missing.

According to what I can find out,  this product does not harm plants or the environment.  It is made from rotten eggs and garlic and smells really awful; therefore, a deterrent to the deer.

I found this Liquid Fence in the gardening section of Home Depot

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent

And then, another helpful product another person recently told us about is this After Bite ointment seen in the below photo.

A few days ago we had a beautiful day with temperatures warm enough to open all the doors and windows to let the fresh air come flowing inside ... It was wonderful!  But, as I stepped into the kitchen barefoot I stepped on a wasp who had invited himself inside!  He did not like that one bit and let me have it!  What a surprise.

When our middle daughter Stephanie was very young, one day she was stung by several red ants.  She told me, "Mom, those ants sure do have sharp teeth."  I have never forgotten that because I thought it was so cute."  I thought of her words from long ago as I realized that this wasp also sure did have sharp teeth!

After Bite

I stopped in the local drug store looking for a product that might help take the long lasting sting away and was surprised they did not have anything to recommend.   My next stop was the grocery store.  A sweet young man who worked there in Publix directed me to the above product.  

He told me he was driving along with his car windows open and a wasp came in and stung the dickens out of him.  He said that the sting did not go away until he used the above product.  Therefore, he was able to recommend this product since he could verify that it works. 

It did help a lot and the next day all traces of the sing were gone.

When I hear about products like the above items,  I wonder how I did not know about them.  And, it is possible you don't know about them either.   Therefore,  I thought they were worth sharing.

Wishing you a happy Thursday with many blessings wherever you may be

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