Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter

Our local grocery, Fresh Market had lovely flowers for the Easter season.    
A few Easter craft eggs and other decorations from our local craft store Michaels  
make for a pretty Easter table arrangement  for our Easter Dinner table.

Here in the South we monogram just about everything!  Our local Walmart had 
Easter egg die kits which included, of all things, monograms. 

Ever since the children were little I have made an Easter Bunny cake for them each year.  
So now it is fun to continue the tradition for all of the grandchildren.

It was a beautiful Easter as we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner at our daughter's home.  Everyone brought a favorite covered dish.  The weather was nice and warm and everyone was able to sit outside at the picnic tables and enjoy the beautiful day and the delicious dinner.

We hope you too enjoyed a beautiful day and delicious Easter dinner wherever you may be!

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