Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Special 19th Birthday Party

As we all know there are many important things going on in this ole world.  And, yes, we are all busy with our work, responsibilities, errands and keeping life running smoothly for ourselves and for those we care about.  And, of course, we are also busy trying to help others when we can.

Therefore, with all the activities going on around us to keep life running smoothly,  it is such great fun to pause and take time to celebrate a family member's birthday.  How special to celebrate the day our loved ones took their very first breath of life here on this earth.

Our grandson John Scott turned 19 years old two days ago.  In the below photo we see him as just a little tyke.  As we all say so often,  "How did he grow up so fast."

Here he is again as a little fella helping make brownies in the kitchen.
We have had many of these special moments while he has been growing up.

His mom asked him what kind of birthday cake he would like to have for this birthday.  He requested a white cake with white icing from Publix, our local grocery store.    As you can see in the below photo Publix cakes are so beautifully decorated ... And, they are delicious too.

If you have ever visited Sweet Southern Days previously,  you know how I love to take pictures.   I took my camera and went all around my daughter's home snapping photos of some of the birthday decorations.

In the below photo we see a birthday envelope addressed to John Scott.  His Mom and Dad knew he wanted "FSU student-season-tickets" to all of the home Florida State University football games.  So, yes, when he opened this special envelope, much to his delight, he saw the season tickets given as a birthday gift.

Another photo I snapped was this very special keepsake, hand-painted pottery Happy Birthday plate,  
given to John Scott by his other grandmother many years ago when he turned one year old.
What a special treasure this is for him to keep forever.

Our daughter Sharon has this large, nicely framed chalkboard in her kitchen.  She uses it to make note of special days.  I have seen many special messages displayed here on her chalkboard ... Love this!

She even has her cookie-jar decorated with a birthday hat and in the background  
you can see her "Happy Birthday" nightlight.

Her dining room table is all ready for the party.

I snapped a photo of some of the family in the kitchen while we were all getting everything ready. John Scott requested Hot Dogs and Bradley Country Sausage dogs for the main dish for the party.  We also served Salad and Aunt Stephanie's Macaroni and Cheese.

In the below photo we see John Scott's brothers Preston, Lawson, and then his cousin Chase, our daughter Aunt Stephanie,  John Scott and his Mom, our daughter Sharon.

Yes, and in the below photo,  we see Aunt Stephanie, 
and one of John Scott's grandmothers (me), and his Mom Sharon.

What a pleasure it is for me to have two of our daughters living here in Tallahassee.

And, in the below photo we see the yummy large chocolate-chip-birthday-cookie-cake 
Aunt Stephanie made especially for John Scott.  

And in the below photo we see John Scott's whole family.

Lawson 10, his Mom, John Scott 19, Will 16, Preston 13 and then Charlie his Dad (who, by the way, is one of the very best Dads in the whole world) ... I have told him many times he should write a book on how to be a great Dad.

In the below photo we see John Scott with his family, including his other grandmother.
She did the most wonderful job raising her son Charlie who is John Scott's Dad.

Little brother Lawson had the great pleasure of lighting the candles on the cake.

John Scott is busy making a wish before blowing out the "19" candles on his cake.

It was fun singing Happy Birthday and then watching him blow out the candles.

Looking on during the celebrating was Aunt Stephanie's new little puppy dog Ella.

After the cake and ice cream it was gift opening time ... One of John Scott's favorite gifts was a Seminole Sammy Logo Decal for his Jeep.  Yes, he and the whole family are Florida State Seminole fans.  And, John Scott could not stop talking about how thrilling it is that football season will be beginning soon.

The first year of college will be beginning for John Scott,  not this coming Monday, but the next.  He is excited about the new adventure about to begin in his life.   He hopes to study hard, do well, and then enter Law School eventually going on to practice Sports Law in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thanks for coming along with us as we celebrated such a fun 19th birthday for our grandson along with his family.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week wherever you may be.

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