Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Last Rose Of Winter

Taking an early evening walk yesterday afternoon I spotted these lovely Camellia blossoms blooming down in the side yard.  It was a nice surprise to see them still blooming during this first week of Springtime.  Camellias are referred to as the "rose of winter" in our Southern gardens,  so I knew these lovely blossoms would be the last we will see until next Winter.

And another view in the daylight.

This Camellia is called La Peppermint Camellia and is an old Southern favorite.  It is definitely one of my favorites with it's pretty red and white variegated blossoms.  The cold hardiness zones for this flower are 7,  8 and 9.

Our first week of Springtime was very rain-filled which will help Mother Nature as she turns everything around us into an amazing sea of green again.

Wishing you a beautiful beginning of Springtime and many blessings wherever you may be.


  1. Oh how i love the beautiful camellias too! They are just about finished here as well. i did a post on them a couple of weeks ago i think. I will miss them but they will be back again next winter!

  2. Aww! How nice you love Camelias too.....a kindred spirit and probably a Southern girl too.
    I will see if I can find your post on Camellias. Happy Springtime!
    Pat in Tallahassee