Monday, October 1, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Last Friday afternoon I was taking a short-cut through the Bull Run Neighborhood on my way over to Wal-mart, when I did a complete double-take.  I looked and looked again, and sure enough that was a bright pink house I had just passed.  Loving pink as I do, I thought to myself ....  Wow! yes, someone has the right idea for painting their house, even if it was a little on the 'bright' side.

 The Bull Run Neighborhood is a relatively new area in North Tallahassee.

Then, I heard on the evening news that a local builder, Porter Chandler of Tallahassee Homes, LLC decided to paint one of the homes he was building a bright pink, to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness for the month of October.  Apparently a family member had been effected by the disease and he wanted to show his support.

Well, come to find out when others in the community heard about the project, K & C Painting of Tallahassee, along with other volunteers decided to pitch in and complete the painting of the home.  With ten of their employees working from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon, they completely painted the entire home   And, all of their painting efforts were free of charge.

And, as if all that was not enough, a local Tallahassee Sherwin Williams paint store donated all the paint to completely paint the home.

The American Cancer Society gave their blessing to the project as well!  Wow!  what a community effort.  What a great community we have here in Tallahassee!  You all are wonderful!

The above photo is the view I saw as I was driving by on Friday afternoon, and now I understand what it was all about. 

On another note ....  Can you believe it is the first day of October already!  Halloween will be here before you know it ... What a fun month!

I hope where ever you are that you had a very nice weekend.  Thanks for coming along with me on the drive to see this beautiful "pink" house.  Wishing you many blessings.


  1. It does your heart good to see things like this going on in your community, doesn't it ... especially when businesses and volunteers donate their money and time, working together to make it happen.

  2. Hello Janie,

    Yes, there are so many GOOD people in this world. Thanks for dropping by.