Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Snowbird Creek

Today is a special day in the good ole USA.  All of us are excited because today is Election Day.  We are all living in one of the great moments of American history.  Let us pray the good Lord guides everyone's hearts and hands to elect the most qualified person to lead all of us into a better future.

Our visit in the Robbinsville, North Carolina area was rapidly coming to a close.  Remembering back to Summertime when some of the children and grandchildren visited Snowbird Creek for a picnic and swimming afternoon, I thought it probably would be a great spot to look at the last remaining Fall leaves before we headed home.

I grabbed my camera and headed down to capture photos along this beautiful creek.  All along the roadway are primitive camping sites dotted along the creek.

At campsite number twelve, if you walk on down to the creek, you will find a large natural swimming pool.  The children and grandchildren spent the afternoon there back in the Summer, and had a delightful afternoon swimming in the creek.  That is until they noticed a snake hanging from a tree above them.  Needless to say that ended swimming in the creek for that afternoon.

Snowbird Creek is pretty in the Summer and also in the Fall.

It was so pretty driving along the creek and trying to capture the beauty with my camera.

As I left the creek area and drove back on the paved roadway, look at what I spotted at the edge of someone's yard.  After seeing all the blazing colors of Fall with the reds, oranges and yellows, it was very different to see these beautiful pink flowers blooming.  If you look beyond the flowers in the background toward the left,  you can still see some yellows of Fall.

Sure wish I knew the name of these pretty little flowers......Would love to plant some of these.

There looks to be a darker color pink Zennia mixed in with the lighter pink flowers.

Oh! my goodness!  How thankful we are for all the beauty all around us.  When we have time to stop and look around us, it is totally amazing! 

It is so nice that you stopped by to share the beautiful leaf-looking experience with us.  We had a fun time in North Carolina and it was nice to share our adventure with you.

Wishing you a good day wherever you may be.  Please do come again.

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  1. What a wonderful way to begin this Sunday morning, Pat. Your pictures are stunning, and those glorious pink flowers are truly breathtaking. What perfect lagniappe just waiting for you to come along and capture it!

    Thank you for sharing your time in North Carolina with us in such a beautiful way.