Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fields of Gold

Traveling along Interstate Highway 81 a little South of Bristol, Virginia I did a double-take as we passed by this beautiful field of wildflowers with a red barn sitting right in the middle of all those pretty yellow wildflowers.

I wanted to send a quick photo home to share some of the beauty we were seeing along the highway.  So, I just grabbed my iPad and snapped and sent a quick email picture.  I thought the iPad photo turned out nice and sharp.

iPad Photo

I could not resist walking out into this beautiful field of glorious wildflowers and 
snapping some photos with what I call my "good camera."

I  looked trying to identify these wildflowers, but was not able to find photos of 
anything similar on the Internet.

What a charming old country red barn, complete with hay piled up on the right side ready to feed to some lucky cows or horses or both  ...  It looks so fresh and ready for the animals to enjoy.

Below is a similar shot to the first photo, but taken with my "good camera."  Not much difference that I can see!  Surprisingly, that iPad can take some pretty good pictures, and then they are immediately ready to send on in an email .... Especially good if you are traveling and want to instantly share a photo with your loved ones.  The iPhone has the same abilities, but I like the larger photo of the iPad.

We continued on our way.  I think at this point we had transferred over to Interstate Highway 75.  When we entered a small town that looked interesting we would turn off and drive around.

These beautiful wildflowers were blooming all the way from Virginia on into Georgia.  It seems we saw them usually in a cow or horse pasture.  So, this must be breakfast, lunch and dinner for the cows and horses at this time of year.

These beautiful black cows were off in the distance.  I used my zoom lens to scroll in to try to get their picture, but as you can see it did not zoom quite close enough.  I talked to them and asked them to come closer so we could have a nice little visit, but they were not interested.  The first one was mildly interested as you can see, but she or maybe he never did come closer.   However, he is close enough to see his sweet face.

As we drove through one of the little country towns, these beautiful purple flowers caught my eye.  I would have loved to get closer to them, but I did not want to risk walking through those tall weeds without boots on.

In the below photo is another field we saw along the way.  You can see we are still in the rolling hills that were so very beautiful especially covered with these beautiful wildflowers.

I invited the beautiful brown horse off in the distance to come on over so we could have a visit, but he too, was not the least bit interested in coming closer to say hello.

At this point the rain I told you about in previous posts was completely gone and the sky was such a pretty shade of blue.   The weather continued to be beautiful when we reached Atlanta, Georgia for our next stop and then all the way on into Florida.

Come along with us next time as we sight-see around some amazingly beautiful gardens north of Atlanta, Georgia.   It was a huge treat trying to capture some of the beauty of those amazing gardens with my camera.

Have a great rest of your week wherever you may be.

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