Friday, August 23, 2013

If It's Not Moving Monogram It

While planning a trip to England, Ireland and Scotland we checked the weather reports before we left and discovered it might be a little chilly and rainy, even during the daytime over there.  I always wanted a London Fog Trench Coat,  so what better time than now to try to find one.  

L.L. Bean had just what I was looking for and of all things, it was "on sale."  It is called the "L.L. Bean Commuter Trench Coat" with water-resistant twill fabric.  Sounded perfect for this time of year in London, which is known for their sometimes chilly and rainy days.

The coat did arrive and it was just as advertised on the L.L. Bean website.

For some reason monogramming is very popular here in Tallahassee.  My daughter tells me her friends say,  "If it's not moving monogram it."   Another daughter who lives down in South Florida tells us there is not a monogram shop in her area, not even one.  So I don't know if it is just a Southern thing or not.  Here in Tallahassee we have several gift/monogram shops and they are all full of delightful items to monogram and wonderful personalized gift items.

I thought it would be fun to monogram the newly arrived London Fog.  All of the monogram shops in our area are my favorites, so I take turns using each shop when a gift item or monogram need arises.  So I took the new London Fog to the below local shop.

M & M Monogramming and Gifts
2030 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
Many gift items may be ordered from this website.

They were very busy when I took the coat in for monogramming so I did not take my camera inside.  But, I wish you could see this delightful little shop.   It is even more special to me because the young lady who owns the shop was a little Brownie in my Girl Scout troop, along with my daughter Stephanie, many years ago.  When I visit her shop it is always fun to see her all grown up and doing so well.

Below is the finished coat from M & M Monogramming.  They did a great job!

Another really nice monogram/gift shop here in town is:
Bela Lili Monogramming and Gifts
1350 Market Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32312 
Gift items may be ordered from this website also.

 Bela Lili was kind enough to allow me to take photos inside.  
As you can see they have delightful gift items.

They have a very nice selection of casual dresses for adults and children.

There are beautiful gift items available also.  I only photographed a few ... There are many more!

They have casual dresses, colorful beach hats in many colors, traveling totes and much more.

 I have seen these large wooden monograms used in wreaths or wall-hangings and they are so pretty.
They also have a nice selection of children's clothes which can be monogrammed.
Also, as seen on the left, they have car tag monograms.

Below are two packable traveling hats Bela Lili monogrammed.

In the below photo is another delightful monogram/gift shop.
Sweet Blue Gifts Jewelry and More
6668-13 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32312
This is an  especially good website for monogrammed Vera Bradley items, plus many more gift items.

Below is a large Vera Bradley tote which is great for traveling.  Sweet Blue did a very nice job with this monogramming.

There are many different monogram fonts and colors to choose from when you place your order.  I seem to always order the same interlocking font that I really just love.  When deciding on your monogram if it is a personal monogram, the first name is represented on the left, the last name is in the middle, and the middle name, or some use their maiden name initial, is on the right.

As I looked around I discovered more monogrammed items 
around the house which you can see in the below photos:

A monogrammed glass plate in the kitchen which was a gift from daughter Stephanie.
It is a little hard to see in this photo because it is a glass see-through plate.

 Below is a Christmas gift from daughter Stephanie from several years ago. 
She had the fabric monogrammed before she made the pillow.

 A Mother's Day gift from daughter Sharon.  She hand-painted the fabric before finishing the plaque.

In the below photo is a vinyl monogram placed above the brake light on the back window of the car.  This is what they call a joint monogram.  The wife's name initial is on the left, family name initial in the middle and husband's name initial on the right.  This one has been on the car so long I cannot remember where it came from.

Yes, even the iPad cover is monogrammed.  
M & M Monogram made this vinyl monogram and placed it evenly on the iPad.

I went searching for this monogrammed cake dome online  Forgot now where I found it, but it goes nicely with the old milk-glass pedestal cake plate I found on eBay.

There are so many beautiful monogramming ideas.  There are beautiful sheets and pillowcases, shams, bedspreads and towels that all look so beautiful monogrammed.  Additional items that can be personalized with a monogram are picture frames,  umbrellas, cell phone covers, jewelry, children's backpacks and lunchboxes, photo albums, shirts, jackets and scarves ... And, the list goes on...
Men like monograms also.
I like the look of this cuff monogram on a dress shirt.

I even like sport shirts with a cuff monogram.
This sport shirt has the more casual monogram with the family name as the last initial.

Yes, I even like men's ties monogrammed.

The monogram in the below photo turned out to be a little larger than I would have liked, but my husband likes it.

When I started this post I was just going to tell you about the London Fog Trench Coat I had ordered and had monogrammed to take on our recent trip ... As you can see, one thing led to another, and I included a lot of other monograms as well.

Hard as it is to believe the weekend is here already.  We will be hosting a big family birthday celebration for two of our sons-in-law and one grandson who had August birthdays while we were gone on our recent trip.  Plus, we want to celebrate the "beginning of school" for all the grandchildren here in town.

I hope you have been doing well, enjoying the Summer, and that you too will have a special and enjoyable weekend wherever you may be.

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