Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter In The Deep South

We had been watching the weather reports carefully because the weather forecasters had been forecasting the possibility of snow and very icy conditions for our area yesterday.  That is exciting news for us here in North Florida where snowfall hardly ever happens.  The last time Tallahassee saw snow was in December 1989.

The snow did not come, but there was sleet and freezing icy conditions, which is also extremely rare for the North Florida area.  Local officials closed all schools because of the slippery conditions on our roadways and also portions of Interstate 10, the major highway running through Tallahassee.

Even though we did not get snow in our area, our friend up in Byron, Georgia sent photos of the snowfall that covered his neighborhood yesterday.  Byron is about a three hour drive north of Tallahassee.  Below are some of the photos he sent of beautiful snowfall in Byron, Georgia.

Snow yesterday in Byron, Georgia

Snow is so peaceful and beautiful.

What an amazing artist the Good Lord is!

A couple of days ago our daughter D'Nai who lives in
Nicholasville, Kentucky sent pictures of the snowfall in and around her neighborhood.

Snowfall in Nicholasville, Kentucky


Even though we did not get snow as predicted in Tallahassee we were so pleased to see these beautiful snow filled photos from our friend in Georgia and our daughter in Kentucky.

The ice is beginning to melt, schools are back in operation and slowly sections of Interstate 10  are opening.  We are quickly returning to normal and the temperatures are predicted to be in the 70s on this coming Saturday.

We hope you are managing to stay warm.  Wishing you a happy weekend with many blessings wherever you may be.

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