Monday, March 10, 2014

Tallahassee Spring Blossoms

Thomasville Road is one of the main roads running through the heart of town here in Tallahassee.  It should be called a "scenic roadway" because most of it is such a beautiful drive.

I decided to take my camera a couple of days ago as we drove toward downtown Tallahassee, on Thomasville Road,  with the thought in mind of trying to capture some of the pretty sights along the way. 

A huge Pink Perfection Camellia in full bloom.

Located right next to the pretty Pink Perfection in the same yard 
was this very pretty Native Yellow Carolina Jasmine which has grown into a mini-tree.

Right past a section of Interstate 10 on Thomasville Road is a long stretch of chain-link fencing. Draped at intervals along this fencing we spotted beautiful Native Yellow Carolina Jasmine.

This is such a pretty colorful sight as you are driving along the highway.

We stopped the car so I could get a closer look with my camera ... How completely beautiful these little flowers are up close.

       This Native Yellow Carolina Jasmine is often seen growing wild in the woods here in the South.  
The hardiness zone for this plant is from 7 to 10.

Driving south on Thomasville Road on the left side, I spotted this pretty pink tree.  From a distance it looked like it might be a Cherry Tree of some kind.  But, after stopping the car and getting a closer look, it turned out to be a Japanese Magnolia tree.  As you can see it was completely covered in blossoms.

I love this ocean of pink blossoms.

   Isn't this such a beautiful color of pink!  I just could not stop snapping pictures of all this beauty.

Each time we drive along this roadway I always admire this brick fence all covered in what is called a Climbing Fig vine.  This vine-covered fence stretches along for a long distance
and it is quite a sight to see.

A short distance from this fence I spotted this pretty plant.

Driving on along, across on the other side of the highway,  it was such a pretty sight to see this purple collection of azaleas.  Azaleas are just beginning to bloom all across town, but this one seems to be in full bloom.  It was such an eye-catcher as we drove along the highway.

Of course I had to get a closer look.

The below park helps to make the drive along Thomasville Road so pretty with it's beautiful trees and landscaping.  The park is named after a Tallahassee leader who formed Tallahassee's commission-manager form of government.  He was also City Attorney and the Mayor of Tallahassee back in the 1930's.

This nice little park of 21 acres has benches, trails and picnic tables and a small pond. 

Some of the Narcissus bulbs in the park were in bloom.

Not sure what kind of tree the white flowered tree is, but it looks like a Wild Plum Tree.  
Located just under the tree to the left is a stone marker.

A closer look at the marker shows a plaque in memory of John C. Van Beck.

Yes! And John Van Beck, along with his wife Linda and daughter Sara worked together and wrote a beautiful book called:  DAFFODILS IN FLORIDA:  A Field Guide to the Coastal South.  It is a fantastic book for the heirloom or daffodil enthusiast in the Deep South  

The book has 180 pages of useful information and over 150 color photos.  It is a guide to growing Daffodils in the coastal South, from South Carolina to Texas, including central Florida.  I checked and this book is available on Amazon.

Close-up views of what looks like Wild Plum Tree blossoms.

Also, in the park we spotted this pretty little Cherry Tree.

Cherry Tree blossoms.

Wild Plum Tree next to the lake in the park.

No matter what time of year,  the drive along Thomasville Road is always a pretty drive.  

Before too long I will take you with me for a drive North on Thomasville Road.   Yes, as the name suggests the roadway travels all the way up to Thomasville, Georgia.  Again, this section of roadway is a very beautiful drive as you travel along through plantation country.

My husband and I will be gone for a week or two.  I look forward to sharing more of the good Lord's beauty captured with my camera when we return.

Wishing you many blessings wherever you may be.

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