Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palm Sunday Weekend

As we entered into Palm Sunday weekend it was very special to be reminded we were beginning the sacred time of Holy Week.   This week we would be reminded again of all that Jesus did for the throngs of people who followed him.

This Saturday our sweet grandson Preston who lives here in Tallahassee with his Mom, Dad and three brothers celebrated his 12th birthday.  Preston's older brother John Scott had a working commitment and could not be at the party.

Preston's 12th Birthday party, with Mom, Dad, big brother Will - 14, and little brother Lawson,  who will turn 9 the day before Easter.

As you can see in the above photo,  Preston's Mom made him a delicious Chocolate Cake, which all of us enjoyed at his Birthday Party, when we returned home from his favorite restaurant, the Golden Corral. 

Good heavens!!  Have you ever been to the Golden Corral Restaurant?  It is a buffet-style restaurant and they have more food choices than I have ever seen anywhere.  Preston loves to go there.  Then we returned home for the rest of the celebration.

Happy Birthday sweet grandson!

Then, the next day,  Palm Sunday, we celebrated another family birthday at our daughter Stephanie's home after attending Palm Sunday services.  I was kicking myself for not taking my camera....How did that happen!

At the party our grandson Lawson had blessed Palms from the morning Palm Sunday Church Service and he wanted to show us how he made crosses from the special Palms.   He found a You Tube video showing step-by-step instructions on how to make the Palm Crosses.  If you would like to see this interesting how-to video you can click on the link below:

Since I did not have my camera Lawson's mom took how-to photos with his Dad's iPhone.  Below you can see not too detailed how-to photos.

 Starting with a single Palm, he folded the Palm into a cross.

And he continued folding, following the You Tube instructions....

... until the little cross was finished.

Lawson asked Aunt Stephanie for a stapler so he could make sure the crosses would not come apart.
Then he gave the crosses to those around him.

There are so many Bible Paintings depicting Jesus entering into the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  The below photo taken from the Internet was painted by French painter Hippolyte Flandrin,  1842

It is so amazing the lives Jesus touched and the lasting legacy of special teachings and Christian beliefs that have lasted over 2,000 years since his amazing story unfolded.

It was fun to watch my grandson Lawson demonstrate that the touching story of Jesus is still alive and flourishing and remembered still of the day Jesus entered into the City of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and began this amazing Holy Week.

Wishing you a Holy Week of many blessings and much happiness wherever you may be.

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