Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Pretty Hotel

Each Summer my husband attends an annual meeting which is always held in a different city in Florida.  This year the brochure with the meeting information stated the meeting would be held at Grand Lakes in Orlando, Florida. 

Grand Lakes is a 500-acre resort consisting of two hotels which include The Ritz Carlton Hotel, and the JW Marriott Hotel.  Both hotels are within close proximity and both share a conference center,  golf course and lovely tropical landscaping.

As we approached the hotel we passed this very large panther fountain 
surrounded by very tropical looking Palm Trees.

I never knew Magnolia Trees grew as far South as Orlando.
They looked pretty mixed in with the Palm Trees.

How pretty everything was as we enter into the lobby of the hotel.

I asked permission to take photos within the hotel,
  and tried to snap pictures when there were not guests nearby in order to respect their privacy.

 This is a view of the check-in-desk of the hotel.

 Looking across from the check-in-desk we see this lovely,  spacious sitting-room in the below photo.

Another view of the beautiful setting-room.
What a pretty carpet in this room!

Looking out the window in the below photo you can see 
one of the three swimming pools at the hotel.

A closer look.

It was fun to take my camera and try to capture 
some of the beautiful artwork seen all over the hotel.

 All along the hallways there were lovely pieces of artwork and pretty coastal paintings.

 There was such a lovely view from the balcony.

Surrounding the lake you can see the golf course.
And, down below you can see a very inviting looking hammock just waiting for someone to enjoy.

 Driving to and from the hotel we could see these lovely, colorful Caladiums all along the way.

From what I can find out Caladiums are best grown in Hardiness Zone 10.  
They do well in full to partial shade and require a well drained soil.

As Joyce Kilmer stated in his poem Trees,
"Only God can make a tree," and I am sure he would add,  "And beautiful, colorful plants like this."

Continuing our drive, as we were leaving the hotel,  we enjoyed seeing the very
tropical looking landscaping as seen in the below photo.

 It was a special treat to visit this lovely hotel in the heart of the Orlando area.

There were many more pictures of this beautiful area waiting to be taken, but I did not always have my camera with me as we were coming and going.

Thank you for visiting and strolling along with us during our visit to this beautiful central Florida location.

Wishing you a happy rest of your Summertime wherever you may be.

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