Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scenic Backroads of Rural Kentucky

In the last Sweet Southern Days post I was telling you about the old tobacco barns all along our route on the very Scenic Highway 68.  We were traveling on the backroads on our way to Nicholasville, Kentucky to visit with our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

As we drove along we continued to see many old tobacco barns 
with the charming ''quilt patterns" on most of the barns.

                         Each barn and barn quilt pattern was different and very interesting.

In the below photo,  if you look closely,  you can see the dog behind the fence on the right side of the barn opening.  He was very curious, but he used good manners and did not bark at me as I was taking the picture of his barn.

In the below photo I did like the surrounding countryside with this
traditional old black Kentucky barn.

We drove past a field of beautiful sunflowers just waiting to have their picture taken.
There was a fence preventing me from getting closer with my camera.

I should have written down the name of this town we drove through along Highway 68. Driving along I spotted these lovely Morning Glories growing on a fence as we approached the town.

In the same town this lovely old home caught my eye.  The windows are so unusual with the stained glass borders and isn't that a pretty front porch?

As we drove by we noticed this very old and what looked like historic building in the below photo.

As you can see it was the home of the founder of the first Presbyterian churches in the 1700s.  

          In the same town this pretty little church caught my eye with the Fall decorations on the door.

How true!

So pretty!  All dressed up for Fall.

It was surprising to see this quilt pattern on the side of a downtown building in the below pictures.
Up to this point we had only seen them on the old barns along the way.

And then, driving on our way out of town and into the country again we spotted more soy bean fields.


In the below photo this to me looked like a true Kentucky horse barn. 
 Can you see the sunflowers planted all along the front of this beautiful barn!

Nicholasville, Kentucky is in the heart of Bluegrass country and is just about 15 miles south of Lexington, Kentucky.  This is a very beautiful and picturesque part of the country with miles and miles of manicured fields and horse pastures.

I think of Lexington, which is known as the "Horse Capital of the World", as Ralph Lauren country.  So many of his styles have that equestrian look seen everywhere in and around Lexington.

The below photo shows life size horse sculptures just outside of a neighborhood mall.

Driving around Nicholasville, Kentucky we spotted what looked like an 
old converted barn down this beautiful tree-lined lane.

The lane looked so inviting we turned and drove down to this beautiful barn.  We were trespassing of course, but if we had seen anyone we would have told them we could not resist getting a closer look.   Don't know if you can see through the barn opening ... That is a table and chairs in the breezeway; possibly a picnic table. How pretty!

And then driving on through Nicholasville we spotted this very beautiful tree-lined lane.  Surprisingly the leaves had not begun to turn yet.  Can you imagine what this must look like with the Fall colored leaves!

There were so many more photos to be found of this amazingly beautiful area in Kentucky.  But, we wanted to spend the rest of our time visiting with our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who are so blessed to live in this beautiful area.

As always, it is so much fun trying to capture the beauty all around us with my camera.  Thank you for coming along with us on our drive through the beautiful backroads of Kentucky.

Join us next time as we visit an amazing old antique shop our daughter took us to close to Versailles, Kentucky in a town called Nonsuch, which is on the western outskirts of Lexington.

Wishing you beautiful Fall days wherever you man be!


  1. I found your blog while looking for information on Kentucky tobacco barns. I have an old barn myself in Nicholasville just off of U.S. 68, so I thought it was interesting to read your posts about what I see everyday. It's so refreshing to see things through the eyes of another, and your photos are quite inspired. I hope the next time you are visiting your daughter, you will stop in and have a look at our newly renovated tobacco barn, surrounded by beautiful gardens. We had our daughter's wedding reception there in July of 2015 and run a Garden Center on the premises called Springhouse Gardens. I think you would enjoy it. My best wishes for a Happy 2016! Sincerely, Richard J. Weber

  2. Hello to you Mr. Richard,

    Your newly renovated tobacco barn surrounded by beautiful gardens sounds so completely charming. I'm sure your daughter's wedding reception was truly a memory never to be forgotten. I am going to print your comment and put it in our car so we will have it available when we again visit the beautiful Nicholasville area. We surely will look forward to stopping by Springhouse Gardens.

    Thank you so much for visiting Sweet Southern Days. Sending our best wishes to you and yours for a Happy 2015 also.