Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Tour of Homes In Marietta, Georgia

Marietta, Georgia is a charming old historical town located in the suburbs, north-north west of the big city of Atlanta.  Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, but I think of it as the capital of the South.

We came to Marietta to see the Annual Christmas Tour of Homes.  Before beginning the Tour we stopped in at,  "Shillings on the Square" restaurant for a nice breakfast.  The restaurant is located in Marietta Square in downtown Marietta,  just a couple of blocks from the Visitor's Center.

Of course I had my camera with me and just had to take a picture of this adorable wreath completely decorated with cotton bolls.  It surely does not get much more Southern than that. 

Cotton Wreath

As you can see there was a matching wreath on the other double door.  
I was picturing two huge, beautiful red bows on those wreaths for the Christmas season.

According to the information on the restaurant menu,  the Shillings restaurant 
building originally was a pharmacy many years ago.

Adding to the festive flavor around Marietta Square,  this colorful elf in the below photo was greeting visitors with a candy sample from his candy store down the way.

The Tour tickets were available at the Welcome Visitor's Center.  It was a rainy day and much to our relief we were told there was a bus available to take everyone to each home on the tour.  This was great!  We were not familiar with the area,  it was raining, and also we would not have to look for parking spaces.

The rain did not interfere with the crowds of folks attending the Tour. 
There was bus load after bus load dropping folks off at each destination.

If you look closely you can see the raindrops on the Tour sign.

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside each home,
but I did succeed in getting photos of the nice decorations on the outside.

The Hagood-Sheeler-Musolf House
c. 1929

This is a two-story Dutch Colonial home.

These red berries were so pretty growing on the fence outside of this home.

This is the same home looking at the front view.  The home has gone through 
several renovations and additions over the years and was nicely decorated inside.

     Just across the street we see the next home on the tour.
I loved the beautiful simplicity of this wreath on the light post.

Too bad photos were not allowed inside.  This home in the below photo, was so beautiful for the simple way it was decorated.  Everything was so charming inside.  We enjoyed seeing the antiques and paintings.  Little natural Christmas touches were everywhere.  The home looked like it had been completely remodeled inside and was so fresh and pretty.

The Winn Cottage
c. 1950

There was a little porch room in the back of the main house and photos were allowed inside.  
Just had to get a photo of this pretty Christmas tree.

What could be prettier!  Pretty natural Christmas greenery and beautiful red bow for this 
very nice mailbox decoration.

The below home was not on the tour.  While standing in line for the next home 
I decided to try to get a photo of this pretty older home just across the street.

And while standing in line at the home I captured a photo of this pretty wreath on the window.
In the process and with the rain I did not get a picture of this home.

The Barnes Home
c. 2008

This home is called a modern folk Victorian and was built for the former 
Governor of Georgia Roy Barnes and his wife Marie.

Too bad photos were not allowed inside this amazingly beautiful home.  The Christmas decorations in all of the rooms would almost take your breath away.  Mrs. Barnes decorated the home for their grandchildren, but on this day many were enjoying what she lovingly decorated for her family to enjoy.  I think just about every spot in the home was decorated.

Even the front porch was totally decorated.  Notice the ornaments hanging from the eves of the roof.

How about this huge ornament!

Even the front porch and front yard were full of decorations.

There is nothing like the magic of Santa and his reindeer.

And, I always love to see "The Reason For The Season."

A view of the Barnes home from a distance.

What a fun time we had even in the rain!  I hope you enjoyed coming along with us to Marietta, Georgia for the annual Christmas Tour of Homes.

Wishing you quiet, joyful, peaceful days after this beautiful Christmas wherever you may be.


  1. Very beautifull pictures. We were once in Marietta with friends whom we met in Spain and maybe next year we will go back to our friends in Marietta. Then we will contact you and try to go to Tallahassee also.
    We wish you a happy and healthy new year
    Dirkje Plantinga
    Michiel de Ruiter
    The Netherlands

  2. Even though it was a rainy day for the Christmas Tour of Homes in Marietta, Georgia it was still fun trying to capture some of the beauty of the area with my camera I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos.

    I think you would enjoy a visit to our little town of Tallahassee. A good time for a visit is in the Spring when so much is in bloom....if you come when the azaleas are blooming the whole town looks like a garden.

    Happy New Year to the both of you as well.