Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Southern Salad Recipe

A few days before Christmas we gathered with our neighbors for our Annual Neighborhood Christmas Dinner Party.  We live in the country, but we can occasionally see a light shining through the woods from neighbors homes.  It is a special treat when we all get together.

All the 'girls' are such good cooks and each one brought a dish to share for the Dinner.  As always, the Menu for this occasion was delicious.  We had Salad,  Beef Tenderloin Roast,  Wild Rice with Mushrooms, Broccoli Casserole,  Green Beans, Dinner Rolls and Dessert.

I can't believe I actually forgot to take my camera to take photos of this fun event.

Our closest neighbor through the woods had her cell phone and took photos of a couple of the menu items which I will share here and in later posts.

Kathy's Delicious Southern Salad

Sweet neighbor Kathy was good enough to share her salad recipe with us:


  1.  One large container of Spring Mix
  2.  One large Granny Smith Apple,  sliced/diced and shaken in a ziplock bag with Lemon Juice.
  3.  One package of Dried Cranberries, soaked in a half-cup Orange or Apple Juice.
  4.  Roasted Pecans or Walnuts.
  5.  One container Feta Cheese, crumbled.     
  1.  Prepare one package of Good Seasons Dressing Mix with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.
  2.  Add about 1/4 cup Tupelo Honey to the dressing mix.    
  •  Mix greens, apple and cranberries.
  •  Add dressing and mix together.
  •  Sprinkle Feta cheese over salad mixture.
  •  Sprinkle nuts evenly on top of salad mixture. 
This is a light and delicious salad that went very well with our dinner for the evening.   In the next Sweet Southern Days post I will share the recipe for the melt in your mouth, delicious Beef Tenderloin Roast.

I hope you are enjoying these calm, quiet, peaceful days after Christmas and this first week of the New Year wherever you may be!

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