Friday, February 13, 2015

A Little Winter Color

During these Winter days when it is cold, foggy and overcast it is very easy to stay indoors and get lots of early Spring cleaning done.  But on days when the sun shines bright and the temperatures inch up to almost 70 degrees it becomes impossible to stay indoors.

We are all familiar with French painter Claude Monet and his love of natural landscapes and especially flowers.  As our Winter temperatures warmed so nicely and the sun shown so brightly I was reminded of Monet's famous quote, "I must have flowers, always, and always."

A quick trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts found this little wreath with pink flowers to brighten the back porch.  And the ladies in the gift shop at Tallahassee Nurseries made this pretty bow.

Even though we are still deep in the heart of Winter, and Spring will not officially be here until March 20th this year,  I still thought it might be possible to find some pretty flowers to plant in the back patio planters.  So I went to Walmart's Garden Department and found some pretty Pansies.

And, some pretty colorful Sweet Williams.
(I think they are Sweet Williams)


And after planting the flowers,  a walk around the yard proved that the intensely cold temperatures we have experienced in our area had not prevented the beautiful Camellias from continuing to bloom.

 This wreath as seen in the below photo,  also came home with me from
my trip to Jo-Ann's to brighten the other side of the back porch.

If you look closely at this Camellia in the below photo,  you can see a cute little black-ant down inside  the middle of the blossom on the right side.  I should have left him outside.

I was reminded of a quote by an unknown author:

"A flower is a smile from heaven"

How true! 

Another small little colorful wreath to brighten up the side screen-door.

I'm so glad you came along as we added some color to this beautiful, peaceful Wintertime.  

Before we know it,  there will be beautiful 'smiles from heaven' everywhere!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever you may be.


  1. What a nice way to begin my day, Pat. Your wreaths are so pretty and inspiring and I know they make you smile every time you look at them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  2. Hello Janie, How nice to see you stopped by for a visit to our back porch. Hope all is well with you and family there in beautiful Mississippi.