Saturday, March 12, 2016

Making A Super Simple Family Recipe Book

Some of my fondest memories were days cooking in the kitchen with my Mother.  And, the most special memories of all were when we were in the kitchen together during the holidays.  My Mom would always ask me to taste this or that to see if she had enough seasoning, or if it tasted "just right."  And, of course, it always did.

Years later I remember asking my Mom to write down all of her special holiday recipes so I would be able to make them just like she did.  She did just that and I refer to them each holiday trying to prepare everything just as she did. She made the most wonderful memories of our family holidays and I was hoping to do the same for my family.

Year after year when it came time to cook my Mother's delicious recipes I always referred to my handwritten recipe notes.  This year I decided to put all those special recipes into a notebook for easier referral.  

A quick trip to Walmart helped me get all the supplies needed for this project.  The notebook seen in the below photo holds 8 1/2 by 11 copy paper,  which was a perfect size for printing the recipes.

Located close to the notebooks in Walmart I found these individual plastic
 paper holders that were just the right size for the notebook.

These individual plastic sheet protectors have an opening in the top 
for easily slipping copy paper into the top opening.

The front cover of the notebook was covered in heavy plastic with an opening in the top.  I already had Christmas stationary which had been purchased at Office Depot a couple of years ago. The stationary had a holiday pre-printed design that seemed appropriate.  I'm not a very literate computer person, but did figure out how to use some holiday logos pulled in from Clip Art.

Fortunately, I was able to copy a family photo and type a dedication page to my sweet Mother.
This is the first page seen in the Holiday Recipe notebook.

My dear Mother has been gone now for many years.  We all loved her dearly.  It is nice to feel her presence as I remember her gentle guidance through the years.  And, I always especially feel her presence each holiday as I work in the kitchen preparing her wonderful recipes.

Over the years as in-laws came into the family and our daughters developed ideas of their own, we added to our holiday menu list.  Each year when my daughters and I get together to plan our holiday dinners, this printed menu which is included in the notebook helps us remember what we wish to make for that particular dinner.

The below photos show some of the holiday recipes 
included in our Holiday Recipes and More collection.

My Mother did not make Macroni and Cheese for the holidays, but our daughter Stephanie began making this delicious recipe for all holidays, birthdays and special events, and it is a hit with everyone.

I will always remember watching my Mother make 
her delicious Giblet Gravy for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And, her special Fruit Salad and Green Bean Casserole.

And her Ham Sauce and Pimiento Cheese and Celery.

One year at Christmas time my sister Betti sent our family some of her delicious Cashew Brittle.  Oh! My goodness! You cannot believe how delicious this is and I was so glad when she gave me the recipe, which is also included in our Holiday Recipe Collection.

Our grandson Dillon loves Chicken Pot Pie.   We made this for his 13th birthday party dinner.   In the photo below we see this recipe is included in the Collection along with a photo of Dillon, friends and family on his special day.

We included many family favorite recipes as well.
Below you will see daughter Sharon's Oatmeal Cookies.

My Mother made the most delicious Potato Salad when we were growing up.  I never did write down her recipe, but recently found a Southern Style Potato Salad recipe that tastes just like her delicious Potato Salad.

Included below are two more special recipes.  The Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce was a gift to us at Christmas one year from our daughter's is amazing.

And, grandson Preston helped me make this delicious Morning Glory Muffins recipe one day while he was visiting.  This is another wonderful recipe.

There are lots and lots more recipes included in this notebook.

The pages in this notebook are not numbered.  Our daughter Sharon had a good idea to help organize and be able to more easily find a recipe.  She suggested insertable tab dividers for menu categories such as breakfast, main meals, desserts, pies, cakes, etc.  One day I'll get around to adding those dividers.

This notebook is such a simple idea for better viewing of favorite recipes and also a very inexpensive project. You probably have already thought of this convenient recipe storage system, but if not, I hope there is a bit of inspiration here for you.

This evening before we go to bed is the time we set our clocks "forward."  As they say, "Spring forward."  And, can you believe there are only 8 more days until the first day of Spring.

Wishing you special blessings as we move into this last official week of Wintertime.

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