Saturday, March 18, 2017

Guest House Remodel - Part II

Hi Everyone!  Come along with us as we continue to see the upstairs portion of the remodel of the little house.  In our last post we went upstairs and visited the living-TV room section of the upstairs.

The below photo shows the little house shortly after the remodel was finished.  As you can see the house is a short distance down the hill  from our main home.

Come on and let's go upstairs and see the kitchen and dining room sections of the upstairs.

As seen in Part I of the guest house remodel,  after walking upstairs,  we enter into the screen-door and then the main door, walking right into this room.   This upstairs room includes the living room/TV,  a small bathroom and small kitchen and dining room.

If you are ever interested in a super good quality screen-door with lots of styles to choose from you can click on the site where our builder found this wonderful solid screen-door:

As you walk in the door on the right we see the entrance to the spiral stairway, leading to the downstairs portion of the little house.  And, we see the living/TV room and to the left of this area is the bathroom, kitchen and dining areas.

The below photo shows a view from the other end of the room.  Just as we enter, we see the door leading into the bathroom area on the left of the entrance.  We also see the kitchen area on the right.

In the below photo we again see the main entrance door and we better see the entrance 
into the little bathroom and the kitchen area.

Originally, this little house was an old tractor barn,  so there is not a lot of room, but enough to function quite nicely. However, there was not room in this little kitchen for a dishwasher.  There is enough space for cooking and there is a microwave included.

When remodeling we kept the original cabinets which have held up nicely for more than 30 years of use. However, we did have a cabinetmaker replace the front doors of the cabinets and drawers.

A local granite dealer installed the granite for the countertop and the back of the counters.

Originally there was a small wooden shelf over the kitchen sink.  
I like the way the granite installers replaced that wooden shelf with a matching granite shelf.

I found these cute little antique-looking cream and sugar bowls that are sitting on the countertop from the Vermont Country Store Catalogue.  But in checking back with them,  I see this set is no longer listed in their catalogue.  If you are not familiar with this charming store they do have a very interesting website.  If you would like to take a look,  just click on the link below.

In the below photo we see the brick floor in the little kitchen.  One of our daughters lived here in the little house for several years and, of all things, she decided to put down this brick floor!  She actually put this floor in herself.  She said the bricks themselves are made from concrete and are made to look like antique bricks.  She found them at a tile store here in Tallahassee.

She placed the grout between the bricks and designed the floor pattern.  The floor still looks as good as the day she put them here.  Didn't she do a good job!   Of course we love this floor and did not remove the bricks for the remodel.

I like really like bright light in the kitchen when I am cooking and wanted to find a bright light for this little space as well. The builder and I headed down to Home Depot here in Tallahassee and found this amazingly bright ceiling light you see in the below photo.  She gave her approval and there it is.

Speaking of our builder ... She was totally amazing.  She was so much fun to work with and a total kindred spirit in that we seemed to really like the same things.  She made so many suggestions during this project that were so very helpful.  Just in case you might ever want to contact her with any building questions you can click on the link below: 

As you can see in the below photo the little dining room is right next door to the kitchen.

And, while we are talking about the flooring ... I wanted to mention the name of the wooden flooring we see in many of these photos.  This flooring is called Australian Cypress. When we mentioned to our builder that we really liked heart pine flooring she told us about this Australian Cypress.  She said it looked just like heart pine, but was considerably less expensive.

We were very happy with the finished flooring. Originally we had carpeting in this upstairs area and decided at the time to remodel to have hardwood floors instead.

To the left of the table in the below photo you can see the two sets of doors.  This space is a nice spacious storage and kitchen pantry.

This dining room table and chairs were originally in our kitchen up at the big house for several years.  We eventually replaced this set because the chair backs were so tall they somewhat blocked our view from the kitchen windows  We stored them in the garage for several years.  We had them refinished and they were perfect for this little dining room space.   I found the tablecloth and chair pads at our local Walmart.

And the curtains you see in this photo I will tell you about in a separate post.  This is the fabric I found at a fabric store up in Alexandria, Virginia while my husband and I were visiting the area for a meeting he was attending.  I LOVED the fabric, went home, measured all the windows and then ordered the fabric to be sent home.

The double-french-doors seen in this photo open in and you can leave the doors open or walk out on the little balcony. In the below photos we see the views from this little balcony.  Love to have these doors opened and have the nice fresh air coming into the room.

The round carpet under the dining table came from the same furniture store that was mentioned in the Sweet Southern Days-Part I of the little house remodel.  That furniture store is called Southern Heritage Fine Furniture and is located in Thomasville, Georgia.  To take a look at this charming furniture store you can click on the link below.

The carpet runner you see at the entrance door also came from that same furniture store.
They worked nicely with us trying to coordinate the similar colors in each carpet.

The candleholder you see in the middle of the dining table was made by our brother-in-law several years ago.  I love how he left the original bark on the upper portion and how it transitions down into a pedestal at the bottom of the candleholder.

If you would like to see many more of his beautiful wooden creations he has made,  you can click on the link below: 

We found this small little chandelier along with the chandeliers we will see in the bedrooms (in the next post) at a wonderful lighting store in the Atlanta, Georgia downtown area.  If you would like to see more lighting that they have available, you can click on the link below:

Many many years ago this little hutch came from an unfinished furniture store here in Tallahassee called Wood You.  It was fun sanding and staining this little hutch and it was used in our old dining room many years ago.

I love the platter seen on top of this hutch.  We recently found this platter from my local favorite gift shop called My Favorite Things.  This particular pattern is from the Spode Woodland Collection.

If you are interested seeing other wildlife patterns in this Spode Woodland Collection you can click on the site below:

And, below we see the site to the charming gift shop where this
pattern is also available at My Favorite Things.

Inside the little china cabinet hutch we see another wildlife pattern set of dishes.  We found this set of dishes at our local Bass Pro Shops, which is a large store selling hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor related merchandise.

In the below photo we see the entrance door to the spiral stairway leading downstairs to the two bedrooms, small bathroom and laundry room.

This spiral stairway is the perfect size for this small space.
And, this is the little hallway downstairs.

I hope you join us in the next post as we walk down this spiral stairway into the small hallway
and see the entire downstairs section in Part III of the Little House remodeling posts.

Until then I am wishing you a wonderful weekend with many blessings wherever you may be.


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