Monday, April 10, 2017

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers

Hello Everyone!  In the last three Sweet Southern Days posts I was sharing with you some of the details about remodeling the Little House,  or now what we call the Guest House which is down the hill from our main home.  In the next post, hopefully, I will be sharing the details on how we made the curtains in the house, but today Mother Nature was calling me outside on this beautiful day.

If you have ever visited this blog you know how very much I like to try to capture some of the Lord's beautiful creations with my camera.  Looking out the kitchen window today I noticed the arbor roses were in full bloom.

We planted this old rambling rose on this arbor a couple 
of years ago shortly after a tree fell across the previous arbor.

Considering that most of our yard is shade-filled,  I think 
this rose blooms nicely with the little bit of sun that it does receive.

I have shared information in previous posts about this rose called the Katrina Rose.  This month's Southern Living magazine has a lovely photo and interesting article about this rose which is also called the Peggy Martin Rose.

I found the below photo on the internet.  

This is a copy of the photo of the Katrina Rose or Peggy Martin Rose shown in this month's Southern Living magazine.  I'm including this photo just to show you how this rose is capable of rambling enough to cover this entire wall.
A Southern Living Photo

In the below photo we see a view from the arbor back toward the house.

At various times this Spring I have walked around the yard with my camera to show some of the pretty Springtime blossoms.  I thought the Azalea shown in the below photo shortly after a rain shower, was so pretty.

And even though the Azaleas in our yard were somewhat confused by our warm winter,  this plant still bloomed in all of it's glory.  I love the way the entire plant is covered in blossoms.

This is a view from the kitchen window when the Azaleas were blooming in early Spring.

Growing in the near-by woods I spotted a tree with these pretty white blossoms.

Some Irises are beginning to bloom in the yard.

And in the below photo we see a pretty little plant recently planted close to the arbor.  This plant is supposed to attract the butterflies.  I thought it was amazing the different colors all on one blossom.

And another recently planted plant found at our local nursery that I just could not resist.

A sweet friend in the Garden Club shared these daffodil bulbs with me and 
now they are blooming so beautifully.

This old pine tree in  our side yard originally was struck by lightening.  I read somewhere that it was a good idea to leave tree stumps so the woodpeckers have a place to find food.  When the tree cutting folks came to take the tree down we asked them to leave a lot of the tree stump.  If you look closely you can indeed see where the woodpeckers have been finding their dinner.

I also like the vine growing up the sides of this old tree.  Might be Poison Ivy, but we keep our distance.

And I had to snap a photo of this pretty Amaryllis blooming so nicely.

This is the gift that keeps on giving.  Our daughter gave this pretty flower pot and 
Amaryllis bulbs to us for Christmas and here they are blooming so beautifully.

Thank you for visiting and walking around outside with me  
enjoying the amazing gifts the good Lord has placed on this earth for all of us.

Wishing you a wonderful Holy Week filled with many blessings.

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