Wednesday, August 23, 2017

πŸ’₯πŸŒ“ Mountain Top Eclipse Party August 21, 1917 πŸŒ‘☀️

Hi Everyone.  Yes, yesterday was eclipse day and I hope you had fun enjoying this special day.  

If you have visited Sweet Southern Days in the past, you know I have shared mountain cabin photos on several occasions.  
We very much enjoy visiting the mountain cabin located in Robinsville, North Carolina as often as possible.  As it turns out the town of Robinsville would be directly in the path of the eclipse.  We could not plan to be there due to an annual upcoming trip to Panama City to visit my husband's Fraternity Brothers from his college days ... something he would not want to miss.

Since our cabin is located on the very top of the mountain in the Snowbird area, our mountain neighbors through it would be a good idea to gather there for this special event.  Alice and Doug and John and Carol, our closest mountain neighbors down on the creek, organized the event which would include bringing lawn chairs and picnic lunches for everyone.  

Alice said that she would be the official photographer and would send photos, especially so I could share them with you here on Sweet Southern Days.  So, we can all thank Alice for taking the time from all this excitement to share these photos with us.

Looks like everyone is having a good time!

Everyone getting ready.

Great neighbors from down on the creek ... John and Carol and Hollis. 

Our neighbor Stephen looks like he really knows what he is doing with that big lens.
And as the eclipse progresses we will see some of his amazing shots in the photos below.

And it begins ...

Looks like almost total darkness.

Here we see Stephen's amazing professional photos of the eclipse.

Isn't this an amazing photo of the total eclipse.

A little light coming back ...

And finally a photo of all of the mountains neighbors enjoying
fun times together up on top of the mountain during this special eclipse.

When we visit the mountains in Robinsville we try to visit with as
many of these special neighbors as possible.  How blessed we are to know them!

Thanks for stopping by and joining in the Eclipse Party.
Wishing you many blessings for the rest of your week wherever you may be.

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