Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Visit To Dixie Darlin Needlework Shop In Pigeon Forge

One of my favorite places to visit when we travel to the mountains in the Fall is the Dixie Darlin Needlework Shop located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Dixie Darlin Needlework Shop
3355 Butler Street
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Come on and let's go inside and see all of the special needlework projects on display.  

Before going inside I picked up my camera to take with me.  I asked the ladies behind the counter if it would be all right to take photos with the thought in mind of sharing them on Sweet Southern Days. They were very accommodating and said many folks took photos when they visited this interesting shop.

As you can see this is a very large store where you can brouse to your heart's content probably for a couple of hours if you take time to see everything.

So many of the patterns available here have been finished, framed and are on the wall to give you a really good idea just what you will be purchasing.

Every wall was full of very interesting needlework.

There were additional separate patterns available for needlework projects.

And, there was everything one would need to start and complete the pattern of their choice.
Below we see some of the cross-stitch fabrics in different colors and sizes.

And, as you can see there was a large selection of embroidery floss in every color.

And, in the below photo we see additional embroidery thread in silks and metallics.

One of my favorite sections in Dixie Darlin is the Holiday section; especially the Christmas section.

There were many cross-stitch Christmas Stocking patterns available.

I overheard one customer in the shop telling the owner that at her recent Christmas Luncheon
she had given each guest a keepsake cross-stitch tree ornament to take home with them.
She had purchased the patterns from the collection seen in the below photos.

I walked around the shop and took photos of many of the finished and framed needlework.

The ceiling lights reflected on many of the photos.

I loved the creative matting and framing seen in many of these finished pieces.

Love Halloween and the below pattern was a "must-have."

As you can see from all these photos it looks like there is something for everyone.
I especially liked the "treasured friend" cross-stitch seen below.

Just in case you see something you can't live without,  you can contact the ladies of the
Dixie Darlin Shop. In the below photo you will see their contact information.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.  I am wishing you warm Winter days during this quiet and peaceful time of the year as we all enjoy the beauty of Wintertime.  

Have a wonderful rest of your week wherever you may be.


  1. Dixie Darlin! Where all those sled ideas were born! What a great shop!

  2. Hello Miss Sue! It looks like you have a wonderful selection of cross-stitch also. For anyone interested go to Sue Hillis Designs and see lots and lots more selections. Loved looking at your site. Thanks for stopping by Sweet Southern Days. Happy New Year.