Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Good Old Summertime

In the good old summertime, in the good old summertime.
Strolling through the shady lanes with your baby mine.
You hold her hand, and she holds yours,
and that's a very good sign.
That she's your tootsie-wootsie,
in the good old summertime.

In the Good Old Summertime song came to mind yesterday as I looked out at all the beautiful lush greenery of the woods around us, which is a result of the soft gentle rains we have had here in Tallahassee recently.  As always, I wondered if I could possibly capture some of that lush green beauty with my camera.  So, between rain showers, out I went.

The front porch was all wet and messy with the fallen leaves from the close-by trees.  The wreath on the wall beside the door caught my eye because of the matching green bow that just seemed to compliment all the beautiful green I was seeing.  That wreath has been there a couple of years and it seems to be holding up fairly well, even in all the moisture.  The wreath is from Jo-Ann Fabrics and one of the ladies at the Tallahassee Nurseries Gift Shop made that pretty bow. 

A lot of our United States area, especially in the mid-west, has been so dry lately.  I feel bad for them,  because they are loosing a lot of their corn crops due to the lack of rains.   We were very dry too in the early part of the summer,  but that has certainly changed here in Tallahassee.  So, hopefully there is hope in the mid-west as well.

 The grass seems to grow several inches in a day from that beautiful rain.

The above photo shows the path leading down to the garden area.  We had a pretty good garden this year except just as the 8 rows of corn was almost ready to pick from the stalk, what must have been raccoons,  climbed the very high fence we have to keep the deer out, and ate every bit of the corn.  We can walk down to the garden on another day ...

In the below picture,  those little ferns sprouted up on their own in the middle of the azalea bed out front.  I think they are so pretty and delicate.  I'm sure they have a special name, but I sure don't know what they are called.

I think they would be so pretty in a flower arrangement.

As I was walking along, this old bird house caught my eye.  Just think of the multiple trips that little bird had to make to make this comfortable looking nest.  It looks like she was trying to make the nest extra-special with all the excess nest showing on the outside.  I'm sure her family appreciated all her efforts and were very happy there.

There has been so much moisture for the last few days, there is even greenery growing down the middle of the driveway.

Green, green everywhere!  And, again that song comes to mind - In the Good Old Summertime!
If you would like to hear that old song, I am sure you can go to YouTube, click on the title and you will be able to hear it.  It is such a happy old-fashioned song that will bring joy to your heart.

The above photo is the azalea bed inside the circular drive way.  In the center of the photo you can get a small little glimpse of the front porch where the wreath with the green bow is hanging.

My walk took me down this path which leads to the pond down the hill.  It was beautiful and green down at the pond also.

I'm so  glad you stopped by and joined me on a nice walk today.  I'll continue the walk later as I go down this path leading to the pond.  Sure hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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