Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Robbinsville - Part Two - Snowbird Mountain Lodge

It is fun to arrive at the cabin in Robbinsville, North Carolina, get settled in, and have some relaxing time in the rocking chairs or swing on the front porch.  There is usually a gentle, cool, fresh  breeze blowing across the porch.  From there you can look across to the beautiful Snowbird Mountains. 

Each day looking out over the mountains is different depending on the weather.  There seems to be an ever changing personality to the view.  

Often I grab my camera and take off for a nice walk down the steep mountain road.  There is always something pretty along the way to capture with the camera.  In the summertime these pretty little delicate ferns line the shady spots along the roadway.

You can see these wild ferns growing all along the sides of the mountain. 

My husband stopped along the roadway coming back up the mountain and picked a handful of wildflowers.  I thought they were all so pretty,  especially with that pretty little red flower in the middle of all the bright, happy looking yellow flowers.

There is an old historic Inn about eleven miles west of Robbinsville.  It is called Snowbird Mountain Lodge.  The Lodge was built back in 1940 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Lodge was constructed with native stone and chestnut timber.

This is the view from the huge windows looking out from the main lodge lobby and library.

Breakfast and dinner are included for guests of the Inn.  However, if space permits, and reservations are made,  non-resident guests can enjoy a four-course gourmet meal in the beautiful old dining room.

Guests often meet outside on the terrace after dinner to enjoy the view.

In the below photo, this is also a view from the terrace as evening approaches.  If you look up in the mountains to the right,  and down a little,  you can see a tiny little light shining across the mountain.  That is the light from our cabin porch that we left on before coming over to Snowbird Lodge.

Thank you for coming along with us and sitting on the porch of this beautiful old Inn.  As always,  I am amazed at all the beauty around us.


  1. Love Robbinsville, Snowbird Mountain Lodge and appreciate your comments on the "Southerness" of Tallahassee (some of the best trees ever there). Thank you for these lovely pictures,

  2. Thank you for the sweet comments about Tallahasse, Robbinsville and the photos. Yes, there are so many beautiful trees in Tallahassee; so glad you like them.
    Sweet Southern Days