Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Historic Pisgah Church

Every time we visit our daughter east of town we always take the Pisgah Church Road route.  It is a beautiful drive passing by so many old live oak trees and lots of countryside.  We also pass by the entrance to Pisgah Church.

This sign is located out on Centerville Road,  and then you have to drive down a charming little narrow road to actually get to the church.

      As you arrive at the church entrance you see these historic markers telling the story of the church.

The unpaved road leading up to the church adds to the charm of this old church.  In 1974 this church was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

In 1824 traveling Methodist circuit riders served as ministers for the Methodists in Tallahassee.  Then,  in 1830 Pisgah was established with a total of 34 members.

Pisgah Church was a non-segregated church.  White women were required to sit on one side of the church,  and white men on the other.  Slaves were seated in the galleries.

The old historic Pisgah Church is a Tallahassee landmark.  We have often heard of beautiful weddings held here at this church.  Weddings at Pisgah Church are considered a treasured tradition and the setting is a wonderful background for very picturesque wedding photos.

Off to the left side of the church is a charming old cemetery.  This old cemetery holds victims of the 1841 yellow fever epidemic.

Also, several Confederate soldiers are buried at the Pisgah cemetery.

Wow!  There must have been a very sad story here!


On the day I visited here,  there was not another person in sight, and with the peace and quiet around me, I could not help but wonder about all these people and the stories they could tell from so many years ago.

I wonder who created all this beautiful old ironwork from so many years ago!

     I just love the whisperings from the past, and can only imagine how life must have been back then.

It was a beautiful Fall day as I stepped back in time visiting this old historic church and cemetery.   Thanks for traveling along with me and experiencing a little bit of Tallahassee history.

Wishing you well wherever you may be.  Come again for a visit anytime.


  1. One of my favorite things to do is visit (and photograph) old churches and cemeteries. Thank you for sharing Pisgah's history and simple beauty with us, Pat. I always enjoy seeing Tallahassee and the surrounding area through the lens of your camera ... I can see why you love living there.

  2. Hello Janie,

    Thank you for stopping by this morning and glad you enjoyed the visit to Pisgah church. There is something so pure and simple about that old church and it was nice being there on that peaceful!