Monday, May 13, 2013

A Happy Mother's Day

We have been traveling and arrived home the day before Mother's Day.  Our sweet daughter Stephanie, her husband and our grandsons invited all of the mothers and families to their home for a cookout on Mother's Day.  That included the moms, sisters, daughters, mothers-in-law and grandmothers, husbands and children from both sides of the family.  Everyone brought a covered-dish.  We had more food than you can imagine.

On Mother's Day,  even though my mother has been gone for 30 years,  she is still with me in spirit.  Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of her and still wish I could call her.  She had more wisdom than anyone I have ever known, and a kindness and goodness that I have not known since she left us.  I still miss her so!

My dear sweet Mom whose love, kindness, goodness and words of wisdom 
will stay with me forever!

Mother's Day began with beautiful clear skies and a wonderful cool breeze.  We had just arrived back home from traveling, so I was anxious to go outside and see what was blooming around in the yard.  We enjoyed our trip up to Washington, D.C. but it was wonderful to be back home again!

This light pink rose is a "Dr. Van Fleet" rose which booms once a year. 
It is a rambler and very hardy and disease resistant.

In the below photo is the Confederate Jasmine growing across the arch in the front yard.

I think the Confederate Jasmine is such a pretty vine and so very fragrant.  It has star-shaped flowers which are so sweet and delicate looking.   This plant is evergreen and very disease resistant.  It seems to be a very Southern vine with a hardiness zone of 8 - 10.

Below is a photo of one of my very favorite roses,  the "Eden" rose.  I planted this rose many years ago, but it does not seem to get much bigger each year.  I think we are really in the wrong zone for this beautiful rose, but it still does seem to survive and bloom a little.  I think a more northern zone would probably be ideal for this rose.

The "Eden" rose is a French rose
 and is very similar to the beautiful David Austin English roses.

 Another rose I found blooming in the yard on Mother's Day morning 
was this sweet little cluster rose called "The Fairy" rose.

I do not know the name of this beautiful red rose in the below photo.

The "New Dawn" rose on the arbor in the side yard.

 An old English rose.

I really enjoyed walking around the yard seeing the flowers that were blooming on Mother's Day morning.  After church we went to Stephanie and John's to enjoy our Mother's Day afternoon with everyone.

Stephanie made these beautiful cup cakes for all the grandchildren attending the cookout

 A lemon "Mother's Day" cake.

Pretty flowers on Stephanie and John's back patio.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious Mother's Day dinner.

It was so nice sitting out in the back yard enjoying our wonderful Mother's Day meal and visiting with everyone.  Miss Annie, Stephanie and John's sweet four-legged family member joined us too.

Stephanie asked Miss Annie to "say cheese and smile for the camera" 
and it looks like she was trying her best.

It was such a beautiful Mother's Day here in more ways than one.  I surely do hope it was a nice weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day for you and all of your family as well.

Wishing you many blessings and beautiful days wherever you may be.

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