Friday, August 2, 2013

A Trip Across The Pond

The vegetable garden I usually plant did not get planted this year because of busy Summer travel plans.  We spent time in the mountains of North Carolina with our children and grandchildren.  Shortly after returning home we then traveled to South Florida to attend a meeting and now we are getting ready to leave to attend another meeting.

My husband has required continuing-education meetings a couple of times a year.  Fortunately the meetings are always held in interesting places.  This next meeting is being held on a cruise-ship that sails from Dover, England,  around to Ireland,  on to Scotland,  and returning back to England.

Cruise route.

We will return back to the same port in Dover, England.  That is the same Dover as in the White Cliffs of Dover which I have heard of all my life, but have only seen in photographs.

When the cruise is over we signed up for several additional days in London to see the sights in and around London.   I have always loved England.  As a young mother I read every one of Victoria Holt's wonderful old Gothic English novels and loved reading about England.  Plus the wonderful Charlotte Bronte's  Jane Eyre.

Recently I was switching channels on the TV looking for something good to watch while ironing and discovered the British series called Downtown Abby on our local PBS station.  Then, I found out, I must have been the last one left in the world who did not know about the Downton Abby series.  After checking with our travel agent,  we found it was possible to tour the Yorkshire Country Estate Highclere Castle where the series is filmed.  We will also tour Bampton in Oxfordshire where some of the village scenes are filmed.

Lord willing, we will leave this Saturday on this exciting adventure.  I would love to put all the people in my life who are so special and dear to us in my pockets so they could all come with us.  I hope to take lots of pictures to share when we return.

Wishing you happy days, safe travels and many blessing wherever your plans take you this Summer.

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