Sunday, December 15, 2013

Choosing A Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday season is going to pick out a Christmas tree.  Walking through the rows of trees and being completely surrounded by the wonderful evergreen Christmas tree fragrance is so delightful.   

We choose a Christmas tree at our local Tallahassee Nurseries, because they always put the tree on the tree stand,  which is a huge help.   When we try to do it ourselves we always get it lopsided.  They seem to know how to get it just right the first time they try.

Mmmmm I wish you could smell the fragrance of these trees.

We walked through the rows of trees taking in the sweet fragrance all around.  
There were many different sizes,  even up to 12 feet tall.

Here they are in the process of preparing a tree to place on a stand for someone.  Since we were in line behind several other folks we decided to look around a little at all of the pretty Christmas plants in the Green House and in the Gift Shop.

It is always so pretty at Tallahassee Nurseries I tell them I am surprised they do not charge admission just to be able to look around at all the beautiful plants.

The Green House

There are rows and rows of exquisite Poinsettias in the Green House.

The Poinsettia plant was first introduced into the United States in 1825.  It originated in Mexico and Central America and is now very popular in many places throughout the world.

As you know the Poinsettia is a very popular Christmas plant for home decorating and for churches and businesses.  They are so colorful and beautiful and it is always delightful to see them just about everywhere this time of year.

I was reading from Mr. Google that Poinsettias need lots of light when blooming.  
The brighter the outside light the brighter the color of the plant.

And, of course while walking through the Green House 
we saw lots of these very pretty Christmas Cactus.

The red blossoms are so pretty at Christmas time. 
These beautiful plants originated from the coastal mountains of south-east Brazil.

The pink colored Christmas Cactus is delightful to see also.

After leaving the Green House we walked on over to the Gift Shop at the Nursery.

Beautiful plants always make a nice gift idea.

They have talented ladies in the Gift Shop who make up 
wreaths,  plant gift-baskets and door decorations as seen in the below photo.

They make up a lot of natural greenery wreaths as seen below.

While we were so busy enjoying all of the pretty Christmas decorations and plants around the Nursery, they did get our tree ready and on the tree stand.  They were even kind enough to put it in the back of the truck for us.

This year we decided on new strings of lights for the tree, because the ones we have used in the past do not seem to have replacement bulbs available.  The blue bulbs in these lights really stand out bright,  as you can see in the below photo.

The tree looks a little bare so I guess I need to get on to wrapping some Christmas gifts to give it that finished look.

There is so much to enjoy at this time of year and it gives me an opportunity to take my camera along and try to capture some of the beauty all around us.

Thanks for coming along with us and I do hope all is going well in your part of the world.  Wishing you many blessings wherever you may be.

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