Friday, January 16, 2015

Sightseeing In Marietta, Georgia

We were in the Atlanta, Georgia area attending a couple of different events recently.  Fortunately, we had extra time to sightsee around this very interesting part of the deep South.

I always love to take my camera and try to capture some of the beauty all around us.  The charming historical town of Marietta provided many picture taking opportunities.  Marietta is located about 19 miles north-north west of downtown Atlanta.

First Methodist Church of Marietta
founded in 1833

We are seeing a replica of the original church located on this site.  Using your imagination it is easy to see the members of this church all gathered together in worship in this cozy little church.

What a pretty wooden cross seen on the back wall of the church.

I wonder what Hymn Number 126 might have been.

On the day we visited it was extremely cold outside.
 I can imagine the stove in the below photo was very much needed during the Winter days.

When we left the little Methodist church we continued to sightsee around the area and decided to drive out toward the Kennesaw Battlefield area.  All along the way we passed some of the most beautiful old houses.  It was nice to have my camera to try to capture some of the beauty and charm of these old homes along the way. 

I am sure each of these older homes have a story to tell.  We did not have a tour guide to learn the story of each home, so we were content to just enjoy their charm and beauty as we drove along Kennesaw Avenue.

This house looks like a home out of a story book or even a movie.

I especially like this particular house in the below photo.

And who would not like this house too with almost wrap-around porches 
with the inviting rocking chairs.

As you can see we were visiting the area during the Christmas holidays,
and many of the homes were decorated for Christmas.

This was an especially cute cottage home with a very pretty stained-glass front door.

Another charming cottage home.

I did a double-take as we passed this beautiful old building in the below photo.  My husband was a sweetheart to turn around and drive back so we could get a better look at this interesting old building.  As we drove on back we could see the sign in front telling us that this was the Marietta Educational Garden Center.

This house was beautifully decorated with all natural greenery.  I love the Magnolia leaves on this swag located behind the beautiful red bow on the sign.  Have you noticed there are bows, and then there are beautiful bows like this one!

It was delightful to be able to drive on up and get a much closer look at this interesting house.  One could tell that it was extremely old; it just had that look!  Thanks to Mr. Google I was able to find information about this particular old home.

Marietta Educational Garden Center 
named "Fair Oaks"

505 Kennesaw Avenue
Marietta, Georgia

This two-story, square-columned antebellum house was built between 1850-1852.  The last owners of the home were the Benson family from 1919-1962.  At that time the home and 3.5 acres were deeded to the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs.  Restoration  began and was completed in 1969.

"Fair Oaks" is home to the Marietta Council of Garden Clubs comprising 655 members. Their goal is to encourage the study of horticulture and the love of gardening.  Members are actively involved in civic beautification, conservation, pollution control and the protection of native trees, wildflowers and birds.

Of course this beautiful old home is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. 

The members of the Garden Club did a beautiful job decorating this lovely building with all natural greenery.   They used Holly, Christmas tree branches, Magnolia leaves and large pine cones.  The simplicity of this natural greenery topped off with the beautiful red bows is so perfectly beautiful.

Even the gazebo in the side yard was beautifully decorated including a Christmas tree.

As we were leaving the area we noticed that even the mailbox was decorated with similar decorations.  I see a little sprig of variegated ivy included in this mailbox decoration ... how pretty!

As I mentioned before,  this area is full of history ...  

This Garden Center sits at the foot of Kennesaw Mountain, around and on top of which the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain raged for the month of June 1864, during the Civil War. 

It has been written in some books that the Southern leader, General Johnston, during this War Between the States, headquartered for a short time in this house, which is now the Garden Club of Marietta ... How about that!

The following weekend we again came to this area for an event with friends.  It was a cold and extremely foggy weekend, but I did bring my camera.  We visited the Kennesaw Mountain area anxious to see where some of the Civil War battles took place.  When I download the photos,  and if any turn out I will definitely share them in an upcoming post.

I hope you are doing well and keeping warm and cozy during this beautiful Wintertime wherever you may be.

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