Monday, June 1, 2015

Graduation 2015

Wow!  It has been a busy time around our house the last couple of weeks.   Two of our grandsons graduated from high school this week ... One graduated from Leon High School, which is the oldest high school in Tallahassee.  

Photo from the Internet.
 The other grandson graduated from Chiles High School, which is the newest high schools in town.

Photo from the Internet.

Both of these high schools are wonderful schools.  We are proud of the education they have provided for our grandsons.  Both boys are well equipped now to continue on into college in the Fall.
Since both grandsons were graduating at the same time, their mother's, our daughters, decided to give them a joint graduation party.  The party was held at our home,  and as much as I like to take pictures I did not have a lot of time to use my camera.  I do have a few photos from the party to share:

Don't know how she did it,  but one of our daughters printed and made this sign over the entrance door of our home to greet the graduates and guests as they arrived.

The mothers set up this "table of remembrance" for both boys.  

On the left side of the table we see Chase's graduation photo and a photo of him when he was a little fella along with other photos, and his High School Yearbook.  He is the one who graduated from Chiles High School.

On the right side of the table we see John Scott's graduation photo, baseball photo,  and prom photo.
I liked the quote in John Scott's Yearbook:   "Tough times do not last, tough people do."  Quote by
Alex Forges.

In the below photo we see our two grandsons traveling together in the back of our daughter's van,  back when they were little tikes ...  I remember taking that picture ...  My daughter recently took the photo showing them as they are today.

We began the party with appetizers and drinks on the back patio.

At this point I had a few minutes to use my camera.  
After all guests arrived I totally forgot about taking any more photos.
In the below photo we see guests beginning to arrive.

Cookies on the appetizer table.

And, bacon wrapped sausage along with spinach-artichoke dip and chips ... delicious!

It is a tradition here in Tallahassee to have smoked Bradley's Country Store sausage at many functions.   I just checked and they do have a website where you can actually order this delicious sausage.  Not the bacon wrapped, but the sausage. 

A yummy graduation cake for Chase and John Scott.  
It looks like a little finger could not resist across the middle of the cake.

We moved inside for a buffet style dinner.  The centerpiece for the table was a combination of red roses for Leon High School colors and maroon for Chiles High School colors.  This photo does not show the color difference very well.

As you can see in the below photos later I moved the flowers to the kitchen table where the lighting was better and you can see the difference in colors.  We chose three bunches of roses from our local Fresh Market to make this arrangement.  It is amazing how long these beautiful flowers stay fresh.

As close to the Chiles High School color of maroon as I could find.

And the other side of the bouquet was the Leon High School color of red.

Our daughters served Lasagna, Ragatoni, Italian Salad,  a Fruit Tray with Dip,  and Garlic Bread sticks.  Everything was delicious and enjoyed by all.  Too bad I did not have time to get a photo of all of the delicious food on the table.

It was exciting to sit in the big Civic Center downtown and see all of the graduating seniors.  One graduation was held on Thursday evening and the other graduation was held the following Saturday evening.

In the below photo we see John Scott coming through the graduation line and receiving his diploma.

And the same with Chase.

It was especially nice that two of our daughter's son's were graduating the same year.  These cousins are only five months apart in age,  and both live here in the Tallahassee area.

What a special time for these boys as they reach this major milestone in their lives.  They will both work during the Summer,  then they will have a new beginning as they start their college days in the Fall.

If you too have a special graduate this year we send our Congratulations!

Join us in the next post as we see some very nice graduation gift ideas.

Wishing you many blessings wherever you may be.

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