Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crisp and Cool Fall in the North Carolina Mountains

October is a beautiful time to visit the mountains in North Carolina.   Fall has arrived and the air is cool and crisp and the leaves have begun to change into the beautiful reds, yellows and oranges.

Crossing the creek to travel up to the cabin.

Lots of leaves on the gravel roadway ... There has not been a lot of traffic.

Going up ...

And up ...

Fall colors.

 And up ...

After eighteen bends in the road we reach the top.

Looks like the leaves are very late in turning this year.

 A view from the front porch confirms the leaves are late in changing.

Oh! But, there is such a nice cool breeze blowing across the porch.
And, it is a beautiful, clear day!

Driving up we saw just a few wildflowers as seen in the below photos.

What a beautiful Fall color!

The cabin is located in Robbinsville, North Carolina.  

Each day from the porch there is usually a very different view, depending on the weather.  In the below photo it had been raining and we remained in the clouds for most of the day. 

Elevation here is about 3,400 feet.

Early morning in the mountains.

A cool sunny day.

This was a gift from friends many years ago!  How true!  There is a peacefulness in the mountains with the cool breezes and the quiet all around.  Sitting on the front porch looking out over the Lord's artwork, one would never know there is any strife of any sort out there in the world.

After about  four or five days of quiet peacefulness we are ready to venture out and sight see around.  So, join us next time as we visit a charming, historical mountain lodge where we have reservations for dinner.  It was fun taking lots of pictures of this beautiful Lodge.

I hope you are having a great time getting all ready for Halloween.  I absolutely LOVE the fun times of Halloween.

I also heard on the news today that this coming Sunday, November 3rd  is time to set the clocks back.  Actually we need to set the clocks back on Saturday night before we go to bed.  What is that saying:  "Spring forward, Fall back." ... So, I guess that means we gain an hour.  

Well!  I hope you are having a wonderful week with many blessing wherever you may be.

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