Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween
Our daughter's front porch decorated 
for Halloween.

Granddaughter Sydney and Grandson Nate in Lexington, Kentucky.
Bad weather in Kentucky tonight unfortunately canceling Halloween events;
They will celebrate Halloween tomorrow evening.  They wanted to dress up anyway.

Grandson Lawson getting ready to Trick or Treat this evening.
Notice older brother Preston peeking around 
the door in the background.

Grandsons Lawson and Preston getting ready for the big evening.

Grandson Will in the below photo just arriving home from school (9th grade).  He said the "girls" at school decorated his face for Halloween.

Daughters Stephanie and Sharon having fun at Stephanie's Halloween party 
a few evenings ago.  Stephanie was a Race Car Driver.  
 Sharon was a Ringmaster from the Circus.

Son-in-law John with daughter Stephanie.  Everyone at the party had to wear a costume starting with the letter R.  They are Race Car Drivers.

The pumpkin in the below photo was carved by grandson Preston.

This next pupkin was carved by grandson Lawson.

It was great fun today seeing all the little ghosts and goblins.  When I went to the grocery store this afternoon to get supplies to make my traditional popcorn-balls for the grandchildren for Halloween, it was so completely adorable to see several sets of children all dressed up in their Halloween costumes walking through the store with their Mom's.

If you would like to have the Popcorn Ball Recipe just click on the following link:

 I hope you too had a fun Halloween wherever you may be.

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