Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christmas Gift Idea

There is nothing like a good book!  With Christmas right around the corner, I thought you might like to hear about a book sponsored and distributed by our local Capital Medical Society Foundation.  The book is a fundraiser for the "We Care Program," which provides medical care for the indigent in the North Florida area.  All proceeds from the book go directly into the  We Care Program.

This book is a collection of stories about growing up in South Georgia in the 1940s and 50s.  This collection of short stories follows adventures and insights, thoughts and dreams, delights and heartaches, and lessons learned through a series of homespun stories.

One of my favorite parts in the book is the "Recipe" collection in the back of the book.  Many of the recipes were handed down through many generations from kinfolks, and from family gatherings.

"This is a lovely, lighthearted book of memories about growing up -
the kind that makes you laugh one minute and cry the next."
-Melvin Schreiber, MD  -  The Galveston County (TX) Daily News

This book may be ordered from the Capital Medical Society Foundation 
by calling this phone number:  1 (850) 877-9018

In the interest of full disclosure I do want to tell you my husband is the author of this book. This is such a sweet book. I thought it was worth telling you about it, in case you are looking for a gift idea for someone on your Christmas list.

Well!  How was your Thanksgiving?  We had a house full, and then on Friday we all enjoyed left-overs which were just as good.  And then for lunch our sweet daughter Debi and grandchildren Ethan and Elly, who visited from South Florida,  and I,  sat and had the most delicious turkey sandwiches complete with cut-up sweet pickles,  just the way my mom used to make them.  It was heavenly!

Sure do hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and that you are doing well wherever you may be.

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