Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Fall Walk To The Pond

We live in Tallahassee which is in North Florida.  As the crow flies, we are about 9 miles away from the Georgia State Line.  One does not think of Florida as having four seasons,  but in North Florida we definitely do.  The season changes are not as intense as our neighbors to the north, but we definitely do see the changes.

A couple of days ago was such a pretty day, I decided to grab my camera and go see if I could capture some of the changing leaves all around our home.

Walking down the front porch stairs and looking off in the distance,  you can see some of the yellows of the leaf changes.

Walking down the front sidewalk and looking out through the woods you can see some more Fall leaf changes with some pretty red and yellow leaves.

Looking off to the left side yard it is hard to miss the beautiful red leaves of the Japanese Maple Tree my husband planted many years ago.

With a little sun shining on the leaves the color becomes magnificent

Our kitty decided he was going to walk with me.  His name is Willie Nelson, but we just call him "Nelson" because he looks more like a Nelson than a Willie.

Walking toward the back yard we see another Japanese Maple with the leaves just beginning to change.

This little statue was a gift for our yard many years ago.  I love the sweet little puppy and the angelic face of the little boy.  The fallen Fall leaves are covering up the little feet.

Walking on down the hill and approaching the pond, 
you can see the Fall colors of the trees all around the pond.

What a beautiful day!

The tree in the below photo is called a "popcorn tree" or more accurately, a "Chinese Tallow Tree."  These trees are growing all around the pond.  They are considered very invasive and are not a cherished popular tree.  But, we really like them and don't mind being "invaded"  because they are so colorful in the Fall.

A fire pit where the grandsons like to take a break from fishing.

A very peaceful day around the pond.

A fishing bridge.

  Here you can see the heart-shaped leaves  of the "popcorn tree."

After  a morning of overcast skies it has turned into a sparkling day.

There are a lot of long-leaf pines in the area.

Fall red and yellow leaves reflecting in the pond on a sun-filled afternoon.

These photos were taken a couple of days ago.  Last night and tonight freezing temperatures are expected in our area and that will probably do away with the pretty leaves of the Fall season.

It was such a beautiful day to walk around the pond and see all of the natural beauty the good Lord has provided for us to enjoy.  It is always a pleasure to try to capture some of that beauty with my camera.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend wherever you may be.

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