Monday, February 10, 2014

African Violets

It may be wintery and cold outside, but this little African Violet plant does not seem to mind and just continues to bloom and bloom.  This plant lives inside close to double kitchen windows and is happy as can be.  They say African Violets like bright, filtered sunlight and do not like to be placed in direct sunlight.  This little plant does get a little direct sunlight in the mornings, but apparently not enough to do harm.

This plant was an impulse buy from the grocery store many years ago.  It was a scrawny little thing, but was blooming with the most beautiful pink variegated flowers, and I could not resist bringing her home with me.

After a couple of months I repotted her into a larger pot where she stayed for about a year.  She grew and filled out and bloomed and bloomed.  I think she has been repotted three or four times.  As she filled out and got larger and looked like she was growing out of her pot, I would get some fresh potting soil and a larger pot and give her a new home.

They say African Violets like to live in plastic pots.  I did not know that,  but just happened to repot her in a new plastic pot from Walmart each time she needed a new home.  There is African Violet potting soil available which I did use the last time, but I have also used regular potting soil as well.

This plant is easy to remember because she lives in the kitchen where I spend a good bit of time.  Therefore, it is easy to remember when she needs water.  They say African Violets prefer a moist, but not wet soil.  Just about once a week, sometimes a little longer,  I will take her to the sink, lift the bottom leaves and let the room temperature water fill the pot until it runs out at the bottom.  They say African Violets do not like cold water or chlorinated water.  They also do not like to get water on their leaves.

The blossoms stay on the plant for many days before they begin to fade away.  When the blossoms are totally dried up I will gently pull them away from the plant.  Before I know it,  I will see multiple flower buds forming again preparing to  give another beautiful bouquet of pink variegated flowers in the middle of the dark green leaves.

I love the ruffled purple, pink and white  blossoms of this pretty African Violet plant.  Despite what some may say,  African Violets are extremely easy to take care of.  About every three months or so I will dilute Miracle Grow down to about one-fourth of the strength I would use for other flowers and water the plant with the Miracle Grow.

With everything still looking so wintery outside it is nice to see this little plant blooming and blooming.

I hope you had a nice weekend and that you are doing well wherever you may be.

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