Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime Color

While running errands one day it was hard to miss the beautiful Crape Myrtle trees blooming all around town.  They seemed to be everywhere.  Fortunately, I did happen to have my camera and decided to try to capture some of these intensely colorful flowers.

A picket fence and pretty pink flowers are so charming together!
Next to the pink Crape Myrtle is a huge Rose of Sharon bush.

Rose of Sharon and Crape Myrtle

The Rose of Sharon plant comes in white with a dark pink center as seen below.  
We often see this plant with intense pink,  purple and blue blossoms. 

This is a low-maintenance plant and it grows nicely in a sunny location 
This plant also often attracts hummingbirds. 

Rose of Sharon

Some call the Crape Myrtle tree the main mid-summer flowering tree of the South.
Most Southern gardeners have at least one of these beautiful trees in their yard.

I especially like this dark pink/purple color in the below photo.

The white blossoms are pretty too!

And these beautiful darker pink flowers will also turn heads!

Crape Myrtles do best if grown in hardiness zones 6-10

According to what I can find out from Mr. Google,  Crape Myrtles grow in Europe in the South of France and in all of Italy.  How beautiful that must be!

Around 1786 Crape Myrtles were first introduced into the United States in Charleston, South Carolina.  They arrived from China and Korea. 

Summertime is such a fun time to take the camera and try to capture some of the lush beauty all around us that the Good Lord has given us to enjoy.

I hope you are having a pretty flower-filled Summer wherever you may be.

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