Monday, April 20, 2015

The Old Garden Roses Are Blooming

The Old Garden Roses began to bloom in our area recently.  We had some extremely cold temperatures here in the South this Winter and some say that is why the roses are blooming so nicely this Springtime.

This climbing rose is an Old Garden Rose grown from cuttings from Goodwood Museum and Gardens here in Tallahassee.  

Volunteers at the Museum give of their time and effort to raise funds for the Museum by  propagating roses grown in the original Old Rose Garden at Goodwood.   The volunteers provide over 180 varieties of roses from the Goodwood Rose Garden for their annual sale.

We planted this Goodwood Museum rose out on our front fence about three or four years ago.  As you can see this is a fast growing rose and has covered a large portion of the fence.

A friend of mine took a cutting of this rose and is going to try to find out the name.   I knew the name back when we purchased this rose, but have forgotten.  She is also going to see how easy it might be to get cuttings to grow.

This is a second Goodwood Old Garden Rose that we planted last year.  
It is located just down the way from the larger rose.

And, I have shared this Old Garden Rose here on this blog spot in the past.  It is called the Katrina Rose because it survived the very devastating hurricane Katrina that came through a few years ago over in New Orleans.

After the destruction of that storm and being covered with flooding waters this rose  continued to survive, grow and bloom.  We found this rose at the Antique Rose Emporium mail order catalog in Texas.  It is also called The Peggy Martin Rose.

Spring has been so beautiful here in Tallahassee this year.  

I hope it has been a blessed and beautiful Springtime for you too wherever you may be.


  1. We're just north of the Mason-Dixon line in PA. Roses here are just beginning to leaf out, so your beautiful blooms give us something to look forward to! I don't know if the theory on cold winters and roses is true, but it was very cold up here and the magnolias so far have been magnificent.

  2. Hello to you up in PA ... So glad you stopped by for a visit. Yes, love the magnolias too and am glad yours are doing so well this spring. I hope your roses bloom as beautifully. We all are so blessed with this amazingly beautiful world to enjoy. Blessings from Tallahassee.