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Springtime Tallahassee

Last Saturday was Springtime Tallahassee in our lovely city.  The celebration of Springtime Tallahassee began in the year 1967 to bring awareness to the history of Tallahassee and to celebrate "the city where Spring begins."  This event is considered one of the greatest events in the Southeast.

Since the first year of the celebration the event has grown bigger and better each year with the help of over 200 community-minded volunteers.  The event is a beautiful and fun way to showcase and celebrate our lovely Capital city!

The 48th Annual Springtime Tallahassee Grand Parade
 begins with the American Flag and the State of Florida Flag
being carried proudly down Monroe Street, which is the main street in downtown Tallahassee.

I was so busy enjoying the parade that when the cute little red car with the "Grand Marshal" of the Parade passed by I totally forgot to take a picture until he had passed on by,  as seen in the below photo.

The Grand Marshal of the 2015 Springtime Tallahassee Parade is the new Mayor of Tallahassee elected in August 2014.  Previously when he was 23 years old he was the youngest person ever elected to the Tallahassee City Commission.  While enrolled in the local University FAMU he served as President of the FAMU Student Government Association ... Some folks are natural born leaders.

Public safety vehicles were at the beginning of the parade as seen in the below photo.

The Tallahassee Police Department was established in 1826 and is the oldest police
 department in Southern United States,  and the second oldest in the U.S.

The parade theme is dedicated the history of Tallahassee! 
Some of the floats and people in the parade depict Andrew Jackson and Hernando de Soto
Both were part of Florida's early history.

Tallahassee is fortunate to have a most wonderful Fire Department with fire protection and emergency medical services.  

The Department dates back to 1902 when the Department was established.  Today there are 15 fire stations serving all of the city and the unincorporated areas of Tallahassee, which has over 278,000 residents.   They do a fantastic job and our "thanks to all of them."

In the photo below we see one of the local fire fighter's helper.

It was nice to see Old Glory waving in the breeze in the below photo.  Yes, it was a chilly day for the parade. The parade began at 10:30AM and at that time it was about 50 degrees with a strong wind blowing.  We had to bundle up!

Many local businesses and Civic organizations are included in the parade.  Tallahassee is blessed with wonderful leadership with our County Commissioners as seen in the below photo.

And, what would a parade be like without the Shriners as seen in the below photo.

The Shriners are an amazing group who are most known for their free services for the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

They are an international organization with approximately 340,000 members in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Republic of Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Europe and Australia.  They are a fraternity based on fun, fellowship, brotherly love, care of others and truth.

I always wonder just how anyone can walk on stilts as seen in the below photo.  And, in this case they have to walk for blocks and blocks ... And, then how do they get down I wonder!

Another colorful float.

And a pretty girl!

This float appears to be honoring the history of Florida, representing Hernando de Soto who was a very early explorer in Tallahassee.  In the late fall of 1539 he and his army arrived and set up camp within sight of the present day Capital Building in downtown Tallahassee.

The float seen below represents a delightful new park just completed here in Tallahassee called Cascades Park.

In the below photo we see Lawton Chiles High School Band ... Love them!

This newest Tallahassee High School in Tallahassee was named after Lawton Chiles who was 41st Governor of Florida from 1991 - 1998.

How cute!

In the below photos we see Leon High School Band ... Love them too!

Leon High School is the oldest high school in Tallahassee and was founded in the year 1831.

I have always admired the Leon High School Marching Redcoats uniforms ... They are so colorful.

One of the traditions of the Springtime Tallahassee Parade is that many of the people marching in the parade come to the sidelines and give out candy and bead necklaces to all the little children and the big children too!

In this case this colorful person was giving out floral necklaces to the crowd.  I loved how he posed for my camera ... What a good sport he was!  How about his "grass skirt."

This horse drawn carriage was a lovely addition to the parade.  The huge black horse pulling the cart was absolutely beautiful.  And, I wish I could tell you about the beautiful girl in blue.  She looks like a queen!  How pretty!

There is a small coastal town south of Tallahassee called St. Marks.  The St. Marks Lighthouse which was built in 1831 is on the U. S. National Register of Historic Places.    This float is of course depicting that landmark lighthouse at St. Marks.

In the below photo we see some of the many parade participants giving out beads and candy to the parade crowd.  It is so much fun to collect as many of the beads as possible.

Look at all those beads!

Another colorful float.

One of my very favorite floats in the parade is the traditional Springtime Tallahassee "Belles and Gents" float.  Toward the back of the float we see Miss and Mr. Springtime and Miss and Mr. Congeniality.

The Belles and Gents is a service organization composed of high school-age members who have participated in volunteer service activities in the community.  They participate in civic, social and government activities. They are the future leaders of America.

It was Spring Break time for two of our grandchildren visiting from Kentucky with our daughter and son-in-law.   We were delighted to be able to have them visiting and for them to get to see the special events of Springtime Tallahassee.

As you can see they were very successful in catching many of the colorful beads which came our way during the parade.  And, yes the sunglasses were part of items given out during the parade.

The parade is not the only event associated with Springtime Tallahassee.  There is Breakfast in the Park and the entire community is invited.  

Right before the parade begins, there is the Springtime 10k road race,  which clears just in time for the starting of the parade.  

And then, after the parade,  there is the incredible Jubilee in the Park,   which covers blocks and blocks in the city.  Included is a combination of arts and crafts, exhibits, food and entertainment throughout the day.

Located in the Park Avenue Historic District we see what is called "The Old Clock."  

If you are ever in the Tallahassee area during the first Saturday in 
April come downtown and enjoy the fun.

They say that Springtime Tallahassee has grown and now attracts over 200,000 attendees.

There was so much food ... corn dogs, sausage sandwiches (My husband and I split one),  hamburgers, hot dogs and much much more.

Join us next time as we walk along the Park Avenue Historic District and enjoy seeing old historical homes along the way.  

Until then,  my wish for you is that you have a very blessed Easter wherever you may be.

If you would like you can click on the link below to see a previous post about Holy Thursday.  Wishing you many blessings during this special time of Holy Week.

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