Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Amazing Royal Poinciana Tree

Life has been very busy in our family with three high school graduations with celebration parties, and two elementary school graduation ceremonies for our grandchildren.  Plus there has been one Sweet 16th  Birthday party for our grandson who lives here in Tallahassee.

Of course, each ceremony is very special and we have enjoyed attending all of the graduations and the birthday party.

Last week we traveled from North Florida to South Florida to attend the elementary school graduation for our twin grandchildren graduating from fifth grade and advancing on to sixth grade Middle School.

While visiting and staying with our daughter we would drive past this beautiful Royal Poinciana tree each day.  Even though we were so busy, we took the time to stop so I could snap a photo of this astoundingly beautiful and colorful tree.

Living in North Florida we see many beautiful blooming trees, but Poinciana Trees do not grow in our area and it was such a treat to see all of this beauty ... And, it was huge as you can see.

A quick check with Mr. Google told me it would not be possible to plant one of these trees in our North Florida area.  Poinciana Trees are tropical in nature and survive nicely in Zone 10 only.  South Florida is very tropical with the coast surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Gulf of Mexico to the West.

These amazingly beautiful trees are not limited to South Florida.  They also survive nicely in India, Egypt, Vietnam, the Caribbean, Australia, Brazil and several other countries.

Again, I am reminded of the artwork that only the Good Lord can create.  We could not do this no matter how hard we tried!

I hope you are doing well and that life is beautiful in your part of the world also.  Wishing you many blessings wherever you may be.


  1. I have some growing in Bainbridge, ga right now,,,zone 8 , i got the pods from Montrois Haiti , the plants are 4 months old and growing well so far, i also have the Soursop trees growing.

  2. How nice to hear from you and glad you stopped by Sweet Southern Days.

    Yes, the Royal Poinciana tree is such a stunningly beautiful tree. We happened to be visiting our daughter in South Florida as the same time that beautiful tree was in full bloom….I have never seen one that beautiful.

    Good luck to you in growing the pods there in Decatur County….definitely a fun experiment.

    All the best to you and Mrs.
    Thanks again for stopping by for a visit.