Monday, November 30, 2015

A Thanksgiving Gift

Well!  It is hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone.

On this Thanksgiving day when our family members gathered in the dining room we formed a circle and held hands for our Thanksgiving blessing.  Just as the blessing was finished, one of our daughters handed me a rolled up cloth tied with a ribbon and asked me to open it.  As I unwrapped the cloth I was so surprised to see the gift they presented to my husband and me.

Everyone together had worked to make a "table runner" as a gift for our Thanksgiving table.  My daughter Stephanie made the runner from burlap and edged the fabric with Thanksgiving orange colored trim.

The children and grandchildren gathered together the day before to work on this project.  They placed different color craft paint on a paper plate for each person, then placed their paint filled hand on the cloth.  You can see the results of this thoughtful gift in the below photo.

Once the hand prints were on the cloth and given time to dry nicely, our daughter Sharon used black marker to place the names on the corresponding colored hand prints.  We will be using this thoughtful gift on our Thanksgiving table from now on.

Grandson Will was working on the day before Thanksgiving when the family worked on this gift.  As you can see they left a place where Will's hand print can be added later.

It was fun this year again to have help in the kitchen with some of the grandsons.  I asked each grandchild what kind of pie they would like to have for dinner.  We had the usual traditional requests plus additional ideas.  Granddaughter Elly requested a Nutella Pie of all things.  So I went looking online and found a Hazelnut Nutella pie recipe which turned out to be very good.

As you can see in the below photo we see "the pie table."  There is pumpkin, pecan, apple, chocolate, Nutella, and key lime pie.  In the center of the table there is  a "7-up Pound Cake"  thoughtfully made by a friend and brought over the day before Thanksgiving,

Grandson Lawson had a good time in the kitchen making these cute 
little pie crust cutouts for the top of some of the pies.

When all the cooking was finished,  we all took some time to "sit a spell" on the back porch.  

As you can see the Christmas Cactus were blooming so nicely.  I stepped back inside for my camera to try to capture this seasonal blooming beauty.  

How pretty!

It was a very nice Thanksgiving and we still have leftovers to enjoy.  I am swept back in time each year after Thanksgiving when we make delicious turkey sandwiches with sweet pickle slices, just like we did at home with Mom and Daddy so many years ago.  Fun memories!

We hope that you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Wishing you a special first week of December and many blessing wherever you may be.

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