Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Spring Trip To The Mountains

In just four days we will say goodbye to our beautiful Springtime and Summer will begin.  It has turned so warm here in the South it already does feel like Summertime.

About this time every year we travel to North Carolina, to our mountain cabin, to check things out and get everything ready for when the rest of the family arrives for 4th of July week.  If you would like to see photos of the cabin and other photos taken last year,  you can click on the link below:

One of my favorite hobbies is to reach for my camera and look for pretty pictures waiting to be taken.  Life seems so busy these days, there is not much time for getting out to find some of the Lord's beautiful artwork to capture with my camera.  But, what a perfect opportunity for picture taking as we began our annual trip to the mountains of North Carolina.

Pretty view from the cabin front porch on the day we arrived.

Leaving Tallahassee, and shortly after crossing over into Georgia, we spotted two trucks pulling trailers filled with cantaloupes.  I was so impressed because I have tried to grow cantaloupes, and have never been successful.

Just as we were approaching the little town of Coolidge, Georgia, which is approximately one hour drive north from Tallahassee, we spotted this pretty field of Sunflowers growing next to this charming old farmhouse.  I just had to stop and get a closer look with my camera.

I love the bright yellow leaves and the rows and rows of brown seeds in the center.

Also, if you look closely you can see bees in the center of the some of these large flowers.

In this same little town of Coolidge we passed this charming country home, and I just had to stop and snap some photos of these beautiful bright blue Hydrangeas blooming on each side of the steps.

And in another yard we spotted these pretty pink and purple Rose of Sharon trees ... So pretty!

And this pretty home and Hydrangeas caught my eye.  This home is also located in Coolidge, Georgia which only has about 500 people living in and around this very small town.  The area is best known for the 4,500 acre Woodhaven Hunting Plantation located to the east of the small downtown area.

I spotted this flowering bush beside the roadway.  This is a very popular butterfly bush, 
but cannot think of the name of this pretty plant.

As we began our mile drive up on the gravel road going to the mountain cabin 
we spotted this rambling rose blooming on the rock-wall just before the last turn up to the cabin.  

We planted this rose from a small cutting many years ago.  This pretty bush was originally a cutting from my husband's sister's cow pasture fence.  It is obviously a very hardy rose due to the fact that it receives very little care and attention,  because we do not get to the mountain cabin very often.

This rose is an Old Garden Rose and is what they call a rambling rose.
However, I do not know the official name of this cluster rose.

As we drove around the area sightseeing we noticed this pretty little garden.

And, I could not resist taking a picture of this birdhouse condo.

And these pretty wildflowers growing next to this barbed-wire fence post.

As you can see it was a clear and beautiful day in the mountains.

The sun was shining brightly on this cluster of Daylilies blooming so nicely right beside the roadway.

A closeup shows the beauty of these Daylilies.

And, some more wildflowers caught my eye as we rounded the bend in the road looking down into what is called McGuire Valley.   In the photo below,  if you could see the mountain off in the distance to the left, you would spot a little fleck,  which is all you can see of our cabin from this valley.

The sun was shining brightly on these pretty purple wildflowers growing next to an old woodpile.

Driving on around the mountains we spotted a small little park with this very inviting gazebo surrounded by what looks like wild Daylilies.   These wild Daylilies were growing all over.

In this same little park-like area we spotted this very colorful bright pink Hydrangea.  

And across the street, and in front of this little mountain home,  we could 
not miss this amazing grouping of lovely bright blue Hydrangeas.

I thought it was interesting that there were a few purple-pink flowers 
mixed in along with the bright blue.

And this blue-white flower was mixed into the same bush.

I love trying to capture some of the amazing beauty of these flowers with my camera.

The below photo shows the peaceful evening view across the mountains as the day is coming to a close.  Can't you feel the cool mountain breezes and the freshness of the air all around.  

If you look way off in the distance you can just barely see the top of the Smoky Mountain National Park mountains.

It was so nice to have you come along as we went sightseeing around trying to capture photos of some of the amazing natural beauty all around us.

This week I see you have stopped by Sweet Southern Days and joined us all the way from France, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Netherlands, Canada, India, Germany, Russia and the USA. How nice we can all visit together if only in this little spot.   

I surely do thank you for stopping by, and do wish you the most wonderful blessings for your week wherever you may be.


  1. I've so enjoyed seeing your photos. We live in Florida and have a home in the mountains of NC. We used to have a cabin too and I love seeing your views! Enjoy the summer! Hugs, Diane

  2. How nice to know you stopped by Sweet Southern Days for a visit. There is something so special about the fresh, cool breezes and the beauty of the mountains. And, Florida is a special place to live also. Happy Summertime to you! Blessings, Pat